Pro-Life Message Linked with Jubilee Year of Mercy


Steve Neill

  Those pro-life advocates on the front lines trying to deter women from having an abortion have not always had the same zeal and energy for the pro-life cause.

One of them is Leslie Blackwell, a member of St. Bridget Parish in Richmond, who shared her story of how she turned from actively supporting abortion for women to now being an advocate for people who she knows has been harmed by abortion and its effects.

She was one of four speakers at a Jubilee Year of Mercy seminar Oct. 1 at St. Bridget’s with the theme “Mercy and Healing in the Jubilee Year.”

“Less than 10 years ago I had no idea what the word ‘mercy’ meant,” Mrs. Davis said. “I had committed the unforgiveable sin of an abortion.

“I couldn’t forgive myself. How could I expect God to forgive me?” She has since experienced God’s mercy and healing.

She is now is an active member of Silent No More, a pro-life support group for women and men who have experienced the harmful effects of abortion.

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