The Devastating Effects of a ‘Right’ to an Abortion


Micaiah Bilger

Our organization runs an essay contest every year for students in junior and senior high school. I am always surprised by how profound these students can be.

But last year, there was one essay that really stuck with me. It was written by a middle school girl, who was thinking about women and abortion.

She wrote: 

“I believe women are strong. Women are strong to give birth and strong enough to live with rejection. I don’t, however, think women are strong enough to live with the fact that they couldn’t be strong enough to do what their mothers did for them – give the gift of life.”

This young woman saw through the faulty pro-abortion arguments and pointed to a huge flaw: the idea that abortion is a good thing for women, and it should be a woman’s right.

So many women who have exercised their “right” to an abortion now understand the consequences of that “right.” As evidence, just look at the testimonies at the Silent No More Awareness Campaign:

Deborah found out she was pregnant when she was 17 years old. Her boyfriend urged her to have the abortion and she agreed, afraid to tell her parents that she was pregnant.

“I realized that I had done the most awful thing I could ever have done, and it had been done in the most inhumane way. I paid someone to kill my unborn baby. I could see it happening. I could see the doctor doing things inside of me to my baby in order to kill it. After that, I felt that I should suffer, and that it should hurt. I felt cheap and unworthy.”

Maggie prayed for a little girl, but when she became pregnant, she felt daunted by her husband’s and mother-in-law’s abuse. So, she had an abortion. Later, as she began her own healing process, she discovered how her abortion also hurt her other children.

“The consequences of abortion had not only devastated my children’s lives… but soon I discovered how destructive the consequences of abortion also had affected my other sibling’s lives. My brother’s girlfriend aborted their child when they were teens. Today my brother is 44 and childless. I cannot begin to tell you the effects this has had on him every day of his life.”

Women like Maggie and Deborah are not alone. Hundreds of others share their testimonies on Silent No More’s website. Read more testimonies about post-abortion healing for women and men.

Abortion is a “right” that never should have been. Hundreds of thousands of women and men are hurting because of it. 

Some tell their stories, some don’t. And 56 million more will never have the opportunity to share any life story – because our society calls abortion a “right.”