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Experiences at the Clinic



Silent No More Awareness Campaign– Defund Planned Parenthood – Experiences at the Clinic

The following are brief statements from women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. More statements and stories of abortion experiences can be read at http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/testimonies

Experience Trumps Rhetoric!

I had a botched abortion in Atlanta's Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. The doctor left the dead fetus inside and I needed immediate medical attention. For the health of women, please defund Planned Parenthood. Christy, NC


I was 17 years old - the lady at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Council Bluffs, Iowa told me I could go to Women's Services clinic in Omaha, Nebraska to get the procedure. My boyfriend at the time was 23 or 24 and I was told not to mention that or he would get into trouble. I don't feel like they really had my best interest in mind. From what I understand, they still give young girls the same advice. I was devastated by that abortion and my life spiraled downward. Sherry


The clinic I had my abortion in told me my "fetus" was 7-8 weeks and being only 15 years old, I didn't know what that meant. Afterward they told me I was actually 10-12 weeks. I got very sick & was vomiting directly after the procedure, the room was spinning and I could barely stand. They pushed me out the door with a plastic bag for my trip home. I had severe pain and hemorrhaging afterward but was too embarrassed to go for help. I suffered with very serious depression & emotional issues for 20 years after. -- Marci, PA


I was 15 years old when my mother and I returned to Planned Parenthood after the contraceptive they provided months earlier failed. I was told I was 11 weeks pregnant and that my pregnancy was a 'clump of cells.' I was told to hurry to make an appointment if I wanted an abortion because at 12 weeks, the price would be higher. I was not given any counseling of any kind whatsoever. Today, I deeply regret my abortion. -- Shadia


34 years ago, as a 17 year old teenager I walked into a Planned Parenthood office for relief of the overwhelming shame of being pregnant. I was 5’ tall with short dark hair, using my 18 year old friends ID with her picture, she was 5’6” long blonde hair. Guess what? They didn’t notice, didn’t even question it. I was put in line with the others and escorted out the back door after my abortion. It was only the start of a lifelong regret of the choice I made. Sue, Michigan


My name is Barbara and I am 43 years old. When I was 21, I had an abortion with the help of Planned Parenthood of West Bend, Wisconsin. Planned Parenthood told me at that time that my baby was nothing but tissue at that point in my pregnancy. I was about 10 weeks along. It was nothing but lies,,,, I was in a horrible relationship, and was forced into having this awful procedure performed on me. This is a decision I will have to live with the rest of my life. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that precious baby that I killed. There was no counseling afterwards, and no one to talk to..... Please stop this from happening to other women...


I had an abortion in the early seventies, right when they became legal. Every day I regret it. I received no counseling. I was only 19. The doctor was actually coming on to me a little. It was a wrong decision and the entire abortion system was supporting my lost thinking. – Kathy, Louisiana


Abortion procedure completed at Planned Parenthood, in West Hartford, CT @ age 32, in 1999. I was given absolutely no counseling regarding the procedure or the possible effects afterward. I was visibly upset just prior to the procedure when they did the ultrasound in the surgical room. I was not allowed to see the ultrasound, nor was I asked if I wanted to reconsider or be counseled. I have significant post abortion emotional/mental stress. -- Shelley


My name is Anne-Marie and I'm from Michigan. I want to let you know that I had an abortion in February 1983 at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Southfield, Michigan. I was 18 at the time and 11 weeks pregnant. There was no counseling at all. It was pay at the front desk, then sit in a small waiting room for a few minutes, then into the room where they did the abortions. After the abortion, I was taken to an area with cots and given some orange juice and cookies. When I think back, it astonishes me at the speed with which I was in and out the door. I was not the only one…as the waiting room was full of young women. Planned Parenthood or should they be named Money Grabbers???


My name is Christine. I’ve had 6 abortions, 3 of my abortions were done through Planned Parenthood. It was the most awful thing I've ever had to do. It was nothing but a death experience, parts of me died with it. Planned Parenthood gave me no other options. Planned Parenthood buildings have very cold atmospheres, along with the nurses being distant emotionally, no support, just get it done. They need no money to kill humans, the money needs to go to helping these women to give life to their babies.


They never explained the procedure to me. They never did a pregnancy test. My parents were not informed, and I was 15. I was not counseled in any way about the consequences. They served milk, juice and cookies after the abortion and gave us antibiotics to take home. Bottom line, I was never able to conceive a child again. -- Nicole, Connecticut


My name is Toni, and I’m from North Carolina. I had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Santa Ana, California in 1982. I do not recall any counseling at all about my pregnancy or that it was even a baby or alternatives. Immediately upon leaving, I had severe abdominal pains and bleeding. Within a month, emotional stress set in, depression in particular, which I still struggle with to this day. – Toni, North Carolina


I have had an abortion, I did not know I was killing a baby at the time. I was told it was too early to “be anything.” All I had in me was a cluster of cells and tissue. I chose to believe it. It is a decision that has affected me for 30 years. My name is Kathy, Louisiana


I am trapped in silence because of my past abortions. I am trapped in shame because of my past abortions. Planned Parenthood told me to lie about my income so I could receive free or reduced services. Planned Parenthood told me the lie that the abortion would be quick and that the "blob of tissue" would be easy to get rid of. Abortion is not easy or quick. Abortion is forever. That "blob of tissue" was a baby that was prevented from being born because of Planned Parenthood. That "blob of tissue" is how every baby starts out. It is not a blob of tissue, it is a baby. I learned that from a medical doctor. My doctor who told me, "Congratulations, you're having a baby!" Planned Parenthood helped me kill my babies but never told me I would suffer every day after the abortions.
It has been 26 years and my mind will never forget the shame, the pain and suffering, and the crime of killing my babies. It doesn't matter if abortion is legal because the shame women feel is as if it were illegal. Planned Parenthood does not help anyone plan to be a parent. Planned Parenthood shows young girls and young women how to kill their own children, and in doing so we are killing a piece of ourselves. Abortion hurts mothers, fathers, and babies. Planned Parenthood does not ever care about the fathers of the babies they want to kill. Planned Parenthood takes your money or the governments money and then they forget you. But we can never forget Planned Parenthood. We must live with our shame and pain every day. -- Kathy, New York


The process was horrifying. I was not treated as a person in any way once inside the office and procedure room: There was no eye contact from the doctor conducting the procedure, there was no explanation as to what was happening or going to happen, and he didn’t even re-enter the room once the anesthesia wore off. The irony of the entire episode is that while my child was being brutally ripped from my womb, a child's ceramic balloon wind chime hung above my head from the ceiling above the "examination table." -- Sarah


I had an abortion that caused immense emotional repercussions. I was given no counseling beforehand, which is an abuse to young women. Planned Parenthood harms women and should be de-funded. A woman from Moudatsos, NJ


The decision I made ten years ago to have an abortion was decided through a Planned Parenthood. Words cannot begin to tell you the damage I felt physically, mentally, and spiritually, as well as the emotional trauma and deep depression and blackness that followed this decision. Planned Parenthood helped me make the one choice that I will regret for the rest of my life, and I implore you not to let them "help" any more women make the same one. Kim, Pennsylvania


There was absolutely no counseling about the possible emotional aftermath of having an abortion. I became suicidal and had no one to turn to. And to find out that what I was aborting was not a "blob" of tissue, but an identifiably human form, complete with heartbeat, fingers and toes. Planned Parenthood was woefully wrong to lie and not offer any post-abortion counseling. Susan, New Jersey


Reflecting on my experience walking into a Planned Parenthood, I am reminded of a na´ve person who walks into a car dealership just 'looking' and walks out with a very bad deal on a bad car due to high-pressure sales tactics from a slick salesman, followed by buyer’s regret the next day.


I went to Planned Parenthood 'just looking.' I walked in, with a living human being in my womb, still unsure of what I wanted to do. I walked out without that human being in my womb. I was asked why I was there and told them that I was pregnant and not sure what I wanted to do. The woman brought me in an office and proceeded to push papers in front of me to start the abortion process. I asked if they had any information on options. She motioned to a rack with a few pamphlets in it and treated me like I was wasting her time. Instead she started to ask, "Do you want your life to be ruined by a baby? Do you think the father is going to stick around?"


It didn't take long for me to be in a room taking off my clothes and putting on a hospital gown. As I waited, I thought. It was my turn to go. They sedated me. I was cold, lonely, scared. I tried to hold the assistant's hand as they wheeled me into the operating room. She pulled away. I said I did not want to do it. I said I wanted to leave. Last thing I remember she said, "It will be over before you know it." It sure was. I will regret it till the day I die. – Alfreda, New Jersey


I had an abortion at Planned Parenthood. It was horrible experience. I never went back there. I regret this very much. -- Paula


My first abortion was at 14 in a medical hospital done at just under 3 months and done by saline solution in the first year abortion became legal in Ohio - I think it was 1974. I was told by my mother that this was the right thing to do, even though I wanted to go to an unwed home and give the baby up for adoption. After the saline solution was injected into the umbilicus cord, I was left in a hospital room by myself. I delivered a dead baby in the bathroom toilet and cradled it back to the bed with me, then called the nurse. Two years later, while in love in high school, I became pregnant again. My mother and sister took me to a Planned Parenthood clinic. I was given group counseling before the procedure to help alleviate getting pregnant again in the future. When I told them I would abstain, they, everyone in the group, laughed at me and told me I could never do that. I was shamed into thinking the abortion was the only way to handle my behavior. A year later, I was pregnant again and determined to NOT let my mother know. I wed the baby's father and was married for 23 years. Abortion doesn't solve the problem. Education on self-esteem, peer pressure, abstinence, and what real love is all about DOES solve the problem of teenage sex leading to abortion. I have spent millions of hours healing from these horrible actions. – Joan, Ohio


My first abortion experience was when I was fifteen I went to Planned Parenthood and had:
1) Lack of counseling
2) I was not told correct information about the development of my baby.
3) I felt coerced by the staff members.
My second abortion experience was when I was seventeen, and again with Planned Parenthood I had the same experience. By then I was spiritually, mentally and emotionally damaged further.


They were not a help to me - The agency not only helped me kill my unborn children, they helped me kill my own spirit, my psychological health and my emotional health. This agency harms women and young girls along with killing unborn children. -- Noel


I was approximately 16 years old, pregnant, excited and scared at the same time in a crisis pregnancy. I went to Planned Parenthood and they instructed me to abort. I went to El Paso, Texas approximately 30 years ago. I can remember clear as day being there. The doctor telling me I’ll be terminating tissue/a pregnancy, never once making reference to a baby. Instructing me that this was for my own good... I was approximately 6 TO 7 WEEKS. Remembering someone at Planned Parenthood making a comment that if I waited any longer, it would cost more and I’d have to go out of town to Albuquerque. This procedure cost $150.00 cash and changed my life forever for the worst. Planned Parenthood destroys lives. -- Emily, New Mexico


I am writing because of my experience with an abortion that I had May 27, 1976. I was flown by my parents to Minneapolis to an abortion clinic. It was a horrific experience.  I told them I didn't want to be there. No one cared. I was called back into a room to (meet) with a counselor who asked me if I had anyone to talk to when I got home after the abortion. This was after I told her I didn't want to have this abortion. She didn't care, she knew my mom brought me there to have an abortion and she explained she had to have me sign off that I had had a meeting with her so I could have the abortion. I was so afraid and I knew there was no where I could go. They took me back to a white, stark room and put me in the stirups. They didn't give me anything for the pain. They were stern and told me to just hold on for a little longer. Tears streamed out of my eyes as I laid on that table and the pain was something I never experienced before or after, ever. The jar was barely covered by a white paper and I could see the blood and parts of my baby that were being sucked out of me. I was taken out of that room to a "recovery" room. This room was filled with beds and I was told I had to be there for about an hour to "make sure" the bleeding would slow down. They sat me up, and I was a little dizzy, sick to my stomach. My mom was there and asked them when we could leave as we had to catch a plane back to South Dakota. The nurse released me. I felt weak and sick to my stomach. I kept having to stop to throw up and could hardly walk in the airport.


I went home and felt like I wanted to kill myself. They gave me no number to call, I couldn't talk to anyone. It was my dirty secret. In six weeks I had to go to Sioux Falls to a Planned Parenthood clinic to get a follow-up exam, and the doctor said I needed "birth control" because, as the doctor told me, "girls who have had an abortion" were more likely to get pregnant again. I was told the "Pill" would be best. I told him I didn't want it, but there was no discussion, he just handed me the prescription. I have had recurrent nightmares about what happened, how helpless I felt and I have depression and anxiety every spring during the time when I was pregnant and the horrid experience of the abortion and clinic. I do not think the American Taxpayers should fund abortions. Sharon, South Dakota


My name is Deb and I had an abortion in Michigan on May 19th, 1975. I do not remember who ran the abortion clinic but I could tell you every ugly detail from the time I walked in there until the time I walked out and I was offered no counseling and or explanation of what was happening. My life was turned upside down for 19 years before I was able to begin to heal from the horrible decision I made that day and there is not a day that goes by where I don't think of the child that I murdered that day! -- Deb


I was a scared 16 -year old girl when I had my abortion. It is the worst decision I have ever made and I have regretted it for the nearly 20 years since it happened. I went to a clinic in Granite City, IL. I was a minor, of course, and did not have to have any parental consent. I also did not receive proper counseling - I have no idea to this day what kind of procedure I had. I was also not sure how far along I was in the pregnancy. I do remember discussion between the doctor and nurse stating the pregnancy was farther along than they originally thought. That did not stop them from doing the procedure. I was left afterward feeling worthless, empty, and I regret this experience every single day. It has taken years for me to recover emotionally, although I am not sure if a woman can ever completely recover. It is my hope that women will no longer have abortions and the damage that occurs to women and children will be stopped. Tammy, Colorado


I was 'referred' for my abortion from Planned Parenthood. They acted as if it were absolutely nothing at all; except perhaps a 'Whew!' of relief.Counseling? What a laugh! Truly, they acted as if it was a Dentist's office and I was there to have a tooth pulled. And the abortionist and his 'staff'? An assembly line; and the only thing they cared about was getting their $. I was a nurse at that time, and I've never seen a rougher, more speedy post-partum 'exam'. The 'doctor' acted as if he was on amphetamines, seriously. He ran in, stuck his hand up my vagina, then exited without a word. Of course, he had 15 other 'patients' to see. -- Kathy


I had an abortion in 1983 at a hospital not associated with Planned Parenthood. I was given no information at all about fetal development or risks (accept risks of anesthesia). I was told that I may experience sadness from hormonal imbalance for a day or two – similar to what I might feel with a menstrual period.


I had my abortion under full anesthesia. When they came to put me to sleep, I told them I wanted to talk to my doctor first. I kept insisting they not put me to sleep until I spoke with my doctor, as I was feeling uncertain. They told me they were just giving vitamins in the IV, but it put me to sleep, and I never saw or spoke with my doctor at all.


So after abortion, when I continued to have extreme emotions, crying spells, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, and more that lasted for years, I didn’t tell anyone since I thought I was very abnormal. -- C.


My child would be 37 today, as I was one of the first to obtain a legal abortion at the age of 19 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Long Island, New York. Even though I was adamantly pro-choice at that time, I asked nervous questions. The nurse assured me the baby was just a mass of cells. I was nine weeks pregnant and I found out many years later that my child had a heartbeat by then. Even though I never planned to remember that day, I can still vividly remember the waiting room, the gurneys lined up along a dirty hallway and the smell of Pine Sol. I was just as terrified as the other young women lined up all around me as we laid there naked with a sheet over our body, nervously glancing around while waiting for our turn to go into the double doors at the end of the hall. It was easy to see that the cattle-car environment made all of us feel dirty and ashamed. Afterward, I was helped off the bed, handed a brown lunch bag with pain pills and birth-control pills and walked out to meet my fiancÚ in the waiting room. I was at such a vulnerable age, very much influenced by the mantra that nobody should dictate what I could do with my body. It never occurred to me how much that day would haunt me until it was too late. -- Lauren, GA


Many years ago, I had two abortions where Planned Parenthood recommended abortionists to perform these horrific procedures. The trauma from these abortions had scared me for many years. I was yelled out by the PP counselor which frightened me so that I was paralyzed into having one of these two procedures. The shame and disgrace I experienced prior to the one, was nothing compared to the anguish and suffering post. The second abortion, was a result of the void I experienced from the first..no counseling was provided and I was left in a state of depression and nowhere to turn for many years. This scaring and inability to grieve or be counseled is cruel and in human and any organization that offers help should never, ever treat someone like I was treated or any other woman. – Maryann, New Jersey


I was shocked when I heard that congresswoman indicate that they were not cold at all to her abortion. Her experience was much different than mine. I was 17 when I went to Planned Parenthood and was not counseled at all they told me just about the procedure obscurely but never spoke of the child onside of me as a real baby just a thing to get rid of, on the day I had the procedure it was never spoken of as even a fetus just the procedure that would remove the pregnancy. As such I never really comprehended what I was doing or that I would spend the rest if my life burdened by the tremendous guilt of the horrendous act I had done. I wish I could turn back time and have anyone there show me the heartbeat or a sonogram anything to let me fully understand what I was doing, Someone to talk to me about options in a serious non judgmental manner to help me reach out to my parents but now all I can do is stand as a witness that Planned Parenthood in particular should not be an option to anyone ever. -- Megan, Caliornia


October 1985 I was driven to Planned Parenthood in WI by my sister who thought she was helping me I was ushered into the building by a woman to prevent me from talking to the protestors standing outside. The pre procedure counseling consisted of a brochure that I was given when ushered into a small room to change into a gown. I wasn't mistreated by the staff that isn't possible when they don't acknowledge you are in the room. The doctor never even said hello before he touched me and started the suction machine. The true travesty occurred hours later after I got home and started bleeding so profusely and had such excruciating pain that I got in the hot shower hoping to stop the bleeding and passed my child. I was scared and alone I picked it up and flushed it down the toilet. I bled for days. -- JoAnn, Wisconsin


I was lead to believe this child was just tissue and not a baby, and there would be no serious consequences from the abortion. All were lies: Abortion hurts women. I can never have a child again, since my uterus was removed. This was a real human being from the moment of conception, a truth I learned too late, and this has left me with everlasting heart and soul consequences. – Rebecca


In 1974, I was 4 weeks pregnant, and went to Planned Parenthood for advice, because I didn't really want an abortion, since my best friend had had a second trimester abortion at Planned Parenthood, and I watched her sob inconsolably afterward, saying "I saw the (dead) baby." No alternative was given except an appointment for an abortion, to "terminate a pregnancy," saying my fetus was just tissue. On the day itself, I was led downstairs to a holding room like a lamb to a slaughter, and I remember being strapped to the abortion table and my doctor looking into my eyes. I hoped he might ask me if this was what I really wanted to do, but it was over before I got the chance, and 37 years later I am still emotionally paralyzed and overwhelmed with grief over having lost the only child I would ever have. -- Janet, RI


I had an abortion at the age of 14 in state of California. Was not counseled at all--begged to not kill my baby was told it was not a baby, it was tissue at 10 weeks along. Was told I would have no future if did not abort. I was suicidal for years after, did not understand my need to hurt myself after for years. After counseling from Christian pastor came to realize it was from the abortion. I also had suicidal actions with I later identified the date the baby would have been born. I have sense accepting the Lord been able to forgive myself and move on--but it took 20 yrs-of self abuse. -- Linda, Alaska


I had an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Options counseling? It was a lie. I regret it more than I could ever express. I think about it every day. Please defund Planned Parenthood. – Jean, Oklahoma


My experience was with Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania 34 years ago. I went into the Planned Parenthood three times before making the decision to have my abortion. What scared me and took me so long to make the decision was listening to the many women in the clinic who were talking about not their first abortion but that they were having their third, fourth, fifth, or sixth abortion; this truly shows me that they were not educating women on sexual health...it was all about the money they were making from the abortions. -- Barbara, Pennsylvania


I was 15. First time having sexual intercourse with an 18 year old boy who loved me.  Oblivious to what sex was as I was a high honor student and a gymnast slated for Nationals. There I was pregnant. Went to TWO clinics who told me I was too far along for an abortion. There was NOT a counselor 100 miles from those clinics in Connecticut or the Bronx as that is where we found ourselves. Not one person counseled my college aged-sister, boyfriend, and I regarding all the options. I was from a middle class family, there was money, there were options. Not one human being in the Planned Parent Hood Clinics helped us. We were scared, that's all. But, you do not kill a 4 month-old fetus, a 4 month-old healthy baby girl who was 100% healthy as shown on the ultrasound-- a child of God. I was told to tell my parents. I did. My parents were 100% distraught. Not one person counseled them either. Same story! I was 20 weeks pregnant and perfectly healthy. My parents were advised to abort at the late term clinic at Brigham and Women's, Boston. We lived just outside of Boston.

I am now 44. I am physically and mentally healthy. But, I have no family or children of my own. My career life is barren but I have a master's plus. HMMM? Had four opportunities to marry and start a family. I was offered a job as an anchor intern in Washington my SOPHMORE year at college. I ran from the thought. The abortion killed me, too. That day at Brigham and Women's, just about a month before my 16th birthday, my 4 month pregnancy, my child, Allison, was murdered, I died too, and my parents died. So did my boyfriend and his family who were anti-abortion! They loved us kids. We were not homeless children. We had support and financial resources and two middle class homes.

Yes, I do healing work EVERY DAY!!! I take care of myself but I am "barren." An educated family girl whose life never became "operational," such that Father Brian Hehir of Harvard said to me one day!I will speak on my behalf in Washington. I can be there in 24 hours! This is an URGENT issue! -- Kristine


I had an abortion at the age of 18. I was in an emotional state of shock at the time I entered the clinic. I received NO COUNSELING or EVALUATION of my mental status. Nor was I informed of any alternatives. The "doctor" who performed the procedure did not speak a word to me. -- Jana, Maryland


I had an abortion in Chicago in 1984. I went to a Planned Parenthood office for the pregnancy test. They gave me no information about fetal development; no information about abortion procedures; no information about my options. They asked me if I knew what I wanted to do and I said I was thinking about having an abortion. They gave me a list of clinics to call. The abortion clinic that Planned Parenthood referred me to also gave me no information about fetal development; no information about abortion procedures; no information about my options. When I went back for a check-up two weeks later I was crying while I was there. Aside from receiving a pelvic exam to determine that "everything was OK" no one there asked me how I was doing emotionally and no one seemed concerned about my tears. -- Lori


My child would be 37 today as I was one of the first to obtain a legal abortion at the age of 19 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Long Island, New York. Even though I was adamantly pro-choice at that time, I asked nervous questions. The nurse assured me the baby was just a mass of cells. I was nine weeks pregnant and I found out many years later that my child had a heartbeat by then. Even though I never planned to remember that day, I can still vividly remember the waiting room, the gurneys lined up along a dirty hallway and the smell of Pine Sol. I was just as terrified as the other young women lined up all around me as we laid there naked with a sheet over our body, nervously glancing around while waiting for our turn to go into the double doors at the end of the hall. It was easy to see that the cattle-car environment made all of us feel dirty and ashamed. Afterward, I was helped off the bed, handed a brown lunch bag with pain pills and birth-control pills and walked out to meet my fiancÚ in the waiting room. I was at such a vulnerable age, very much influenced by the mantra that nobody should dictate what I could do with my body. It never occurred to me how much that day would haunt me until it was too late. -- Lauren, Georgia


I have had two abortions, one in a Planned Parenthood clinic, one in a hospital where I was referred by Planned Parenthood. Neither time did I receive any counseling. The second time, I had an ultrasound at Planned Parenthood and they were very careful to turn the monitor away from me so that I could not see my baby on the screen. I was told it was just a small mass of tissue at such an early stage of pregnancy. I would have made different decisions if I had been given complete information. -- Donna, Indiana


I went to a Planned Parenthood in Rhode Island. I had severe bleeding and clotting within hours of the abortion procedure. There were no follow-up visits to check on my condition or offering of phone numbers or contacts to reach out to nurses or doctors to call with questions regarding the condition of my health. I made a call to Planned Parenthood to ask about my condition and was told bleeding is normal.

I could have died with the huge amount of blood loss, and didn’t understand the extremity of how abnormal this actually was at the time. I have had THREE DNC’s due to miscarriages (similar to the abortion procedure) and never had the physical outcome similar to the Planned Parenthood abortion procedure. I HAVE EXPERIENCED all of this and am speaking from experience, not opinions.The lack of counseling is an understatement. There was NO COUNSELING - period. I was in college, afraid, and didn’t have anyone to look at all of my options because I was petrified. Planned Parenthood is not a woman’s advocate. Planned Parenthood is a business that saw a niche market and as an alternative to back-alley abortions.

As an immediate fix to truly liberate woman, please demand that Planned Parenthood needs to have at least one ultra-sound machine at each office and it is REQUIRED to perform an ultra-sound PRIOR to terminating the pregnancy. I was not given this opportunity and Planned Parenthood shaded the development of my baby and made me believe there was no life at the time the pregnancy was terminated. They do nothing to acknowledge that there is indeed a beating heart and fingers and toes being formed and all the other organs. In addition, they told me I had to wait a certain number of weeks “before” the abortion could take place (it actually in layman’s terms had to grow larger to be sucked out)… I was actually almost 12 weeks pregnant and they in essence tried to tell me it was a much shorter time (only 6 weeks). I had no idea at the time. Planned parenthood has a pregnancy time table much different than any other ob/gyn that cared for my past 6 pregnancies.

Sincerely and from the heart (all at risking my anonymity & reputation to shed light on this subject from a former Planned Parenthood customer), Lorri, Maine


I had an abortion in 1988 at 18 years of age. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my child that should have been. I received no counseling before or after the killing of my baby. I wish the clinics would have shown me what really was happening instead of having the TV tuned to Phil Donahue and a nonchalant attitude. Wendi, TX


I had an abortion 13 years ago, though I tried to persuade my boyfriend at the time that this was not the RIGHT choice. I did really want our baby despite the shock of becoming pregnant. It was done at a Planned Parenthood facility. Now that I consider the name, planning a family was not, nor ever will be on their priority list. When calling about scheduling the "procedure," the woman who answered the phone came across quite rudely. I did ask her if a non-harmful option existed, trying to convince myself that there had to be a humane way of taking a life. She basically said no in a very unpleasant tone of voice. You could tell she was as unhappy in dealing with this truth as me. Following the abortion, I threw up the apple juice they offered me in the waiting room. There was no counseling offered, or explanation of what was to take place before or even after the abortion. I was just kindly ushered into the waiting room where I could leave whenever I felt up to it. As I woke up the following morning, I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach that caused me to buckle into fetal position and lie back down. I remained in bed most of the day, and wondered why I was never told about these painful symptoms. – Patricia, Florida


I was sixteen when I went to Planned Parenthood. They lied to me. Never confirmed my pregnancy. I was awake during the whole procedure. Saw god awful instruments on the back of the door to where I was at. I even asked about the pregnancy counseling center next door, I was told that they were closed. Asked me if I was being forced. I was visibly shaking, still the abortion was signed off. Never told about my options. Never shown what my baby looked like. You are not offered to see your baby. I was given 6 pills to take before and an IV during. I was uncomfortable with the man doctor touching me, I wasn’t told it was going to be a man. I was told to sit still and be quiet. I was too drugged up to say stop before he started If one was just “tissue,” than others were as well…I can’t tell you how many abortions I have had, women lying to women, a convenient ‘present’ that became nothing but an alcoholic blur. I was unable to love my unborn children because I had to believe what they told me, that ‘It was nothing but a tissue.’ How I hate the women who have destroyed the lives of not only the unborn children but of other women, as well - all in the name of “rights”… The health issues for me are many due to the ugliness and horror, the weight greater each year in the suppression and then realization of what I have done; the violation of who I was created to be. If anything else I will be a greater strain on society due to the medical and psychological neglect over the long haul of denial; many will be seeking because they will not know from where the turmoil comes. I need to be heard because I denied myself a voice. – Melissa


Planned Parenthood told me I would feel relief after my abortion. Hardly, I tried to commit suicide and ended up having to stay in the hospital for a week and counseling for well over 20 years now. The pain and loss never goes away. My child was taken from me, even though my blood pressure measured at shock level. Please make abortion illegal so no one has to suffer the mental anguish I and others have gone through. Abortion does not solve problems, it only creates them. –
Kimberly, MA.


I wanted to share some of my own experience about abortion: I had an abortion in 1996 in a Planned Parenthood clinic, at the age of 21. We were counseled as to the procedure and birth control options, but were never counseled about emotional issues relating to the abortion. We were never offered counseling. I was scraped out, set in a recovery room for a little while, then sent home. Now, at 35, I still mourn the loss of that baby. Women are not being told the emotional ramifications of this procedure, and it harms women and babies. – Emily


Having had an abortion in 1972, I was made to feel like a cow going through a cattle run to the slaughter. Stretcher after stretcher lined up waiting for the end. I’m 58 and my child would have been 39 years old this past month, February. –- Bonnie DiGeronimo, Island Park, NY


I am 43 years old. When I was 21, I had an abortion with the help of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. I was sent to Bread and Roses. Planned Parenthood, and Bread and Roses both told me at that time, that my baby was nothing but tissue at that point in my pregnancy. I was about 10 weeks along. It was nothing but lies,,,, I was in a horrible relationship, and was forced into having this awful procedure performed on me. This is a decision I will have to live with the rest of my life. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that precious baby that I killed. There was no counseling after wards, and no one to talk too...Please stop this from happening to other women...Barbara


No counseling at all, except to push abortion. No ultrasound or heart beat monitor. Told it was like scraping your arm...losing a few skin cells. Afterward, it was a mess. Like a battlefield hospital, cots stretched throughout the room," here are your pills, it's time to leave." No warning of the intense feelings of guilt and shame, the inability to forgive, the propensity to drink or behave in a high risk manner, the emotions over seeing babies in commercials or in strollers or pregnant women. No warning. No post counseling. And yes. It was a Planned Parenthood.  Kristyn, Colorado


I had an abortion in 1985. It was a method of birth control after the birth control pills that Planned Parenthood gave me failed. Having an abortion was the worst mistake of my life. Please don’t spend any more federal money on Planned Parenthood. It is not the government’s job to fund reproductive health services. It is my responsibility to take care of myself and deal with the consequences of my behavior and choices. It’s called accountability and it’s time that the government held people to it. Jane, Wisconsin


My abortion tale of horror: In 1974, my wife and I went to an abortion clinic in Memphis. I remember saying to the doctor, "I hope this is the right thing to do." He answered, " This is better than a lifetime of disorder." HE WAS WRONG. Hardly a day goes by that I am not filled with the remorse of ending my own child's life. 'I have a few regrets, but this is the single greatest regret of my life. What could be more heinous than having your own child killed? Believe me, abortion ASSURES a "lifetime of disorder". I wonder how many other lives have been "gutted" by the lies of these doctors and their life stopping clinics.

Because of our National participation in this horrible sin, I believe we as a people are now in peril of the same Living God who originally blessed us. Think about this: There are a lot of people with problems in this country, but we don't KILL them! Mark, Arkansas


I was 4.5 weeks pregnant when I had my abortion at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. I did not receive any counseling and it was a horrific experience that traumatized my life for years after. I did not succeed in saving my daughter after the abortionist administered the lethal drug and had to bury her at Green Acres Cemetery in Bloomington California. Irene, Southern California


I had my abortion in 1974. It was performed by my doctor at a Planned Parenthood facility. I had been told that at 6 weeks, the pregnancy was just tissue; but it turned out that it was a boy. When I became pregnant again 5 years later, I almost lost that child due to complications from the abortion. Planned Parenthood hurts women. It hurt me. Please do everything you can to put it out of business.
Patricia from California


I had an abortion in 1980 at Planned Parenthood in MO. I was told it was a quick, easy procedure and when it was all over my life would return to normal. Normal was far from the truth. I experienced regret and guilt immediately and later shame, anger, depression and loss. After learning from an ultrasound two years later upon my second pregnancy that my 9 week old baby was fully developed in my womb, I had reoccuring nightmares and flashbacks of the abortion. Planned Parenthood told me it was a blob of tissue. I should have been given truthful information about fetal development, given and shown the ultrasound, and accurate information about the after affects of abortion. I have lived with the pain and loss for over 30 yrs. Lori, MO


I had three abortions, 2 at Planned Parenthood. I was told the babies in my womb were pieces of flesh and I was in my second trimester. I was given an abortion after I was counseled by an individual who asked me questions that would encourage abortion, like, “do you want to bring a child into a new relationship?” I was not counseled on the trauma and regret I would experience because of my abortions. I had much deeper problems, and their only concern was my getting an abortion. L., AZ


I had an abortion in 1981--and went to a clinic for "counseling"-no one told me that there were people all over the country who would have taken me in during this time of crisis. I was told that this wasn't a baby-just "a formless glob of tissue." Once I found out the truth, it has been a 30 year nightmare to try to overcome the intense grief, sorrow and guilt. Kathryn, Ohio


I would like to let you know how the sounds of the vacuum haunt me in the quiet of the night. My Planned Parenthood experience was horrible as I was lied to in my so-called counseling session by being told my baby was a blob of cells. The pain and bleeding went on for 3 weeks and I could not return to my "normal life" of college and work during that time. Linda, MO


I had an abortion in 1982 and as I was laying there I felt the doctor sucking out my baby piece by piece. This was a BABY - NOT A FETUS, as we are led to believe. The pain and suffering for years afterward were just awful and sometimes unbearable to deal with. Let’s stop abortion and give these innocent little babies a chance at life. Thank you. Deb


I speak as the father. I went with my girl friend, in 1975, to a clinic, in downtown Chicago, payed, if I remember correctly $350, and we were told nothing accept sign and pay. My girl friend and I had a child in 1980 and I stood to my position no more abortions no matter what might come. Hell came as she dated another man through that pregnancy and left pregnant with his child in 1983. It was extrememly painful for me as I fell against the car upon leaving the clinic and it 13 years to come to any peace what-so-ever. Jim


It has now been 34 years since my abortion. At that time I was seen by two doctors, neither of whom counseled me on adverse effects from the abortion, nor was I given any alternatives to consider. I have lived a lifetime of regret, and the cervical cancer I contracted is considered by medical authorities to be linked to the abortion I had. Suzanne, Czech Republic