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Do You Regret Your Abortion or Your Lost Fatherhood? By filling in the form below you can add your expression of regret to our list. All information remains confidential and is presented anonymously

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How Do I Tell My Family About My Abortion 
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I am glad that those that have had abortions can speak out against killing their unborn babies in a society that promotes elective abortion (around half a billion in the US since 1973) as a means of population control while capitalizing on the sexualization of our culture.




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Resources for Help After Abortion
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Additional Educational and Healing Resources for Men can be
found here from the Men and Abortion Network.

Reaching Out for the Help You Need

If you have participated in an abortion decision, this can be a very difficult area of your life to open up and deal with.   As men, sometimes it can seem easier to just bury the event in the past, since we can’t change what happened.  But a loss like abortion is impossible to completely repress. You are hurting from this loss, and likely paying a high price in your health, relationships and professional life.   The memories and feelings associated with the abortion(s) deserve attention.
 Our hope is that the resources here can help you understand your role in the abortion, and the emotions and behaviors that often surface after this kind of loss.  All the resources we recommend have two things in common; one, they will have a powerful positive impact on your life and second, all the people involved care deeply about you, many share your experience and have dedicated their lives to helping you.

If the trauma of your abortion is causing suicidal thoughts please contact or call1-800-784-2433.

You're not alone in your pain and we want to help you. As the co-founders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, our hope is that by reaching out for help you will make peace with yourself, your child(ren), God and others. Our prayer is that as you begin an abortion recovery program, you will come to a deeper understanding of the love and mercy of our Heavenly Father. 

Blessings from,
Georgette, Janet
Co-Founders – Silent No More Awareness Campaign
Kevin Burke, LSW
Pastoral Associate



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