Kelly Speaks at the 2011 March for Life

  Kelly Clinger, Celebrity Spokesperson
Georgia,  United States

I am speaking to you today because abortion, in so many ways, changed my life forever.  I had two abortions, 10 years ago because I was already a divorced, single mom who didn’t want her Christian parents to know she was sleeping with her boyfriend. I remember every sight, sound and smell in the clinic. I felt like a number...rushed in and out and treated with indifference. I suffered for months after the second abortion until doctors discovered I had an incomplete abortion and there were still parts of my child inside of me.

Immediately after the abortion, I felt a mixture of sadness and anger and vowed never to share what I had done with anyone. As time went on, I medicated my feelings with food and alcohol, and I suffered with paralyzing guilt, shame, and depression. I found help and forgiveness through attending the Surrendering the Secret Bible study and through blogging, singing, and speaking about my experiences.

Recently, I found out that the doctor who did my abortions has had his license suspended for the fourth time because of the complications women like myself had after being in his clinic AND because he was doing abortions into the third trimester. This has only fueled my longing to stand up for our children and be a loud voice that says, "ABORTION HURTS WOMEN!"

My prayer is that the Lord would end abortion in this generation. I pray that He will have mercy on myself and on our nation for the innocent blood that is on our hands. I pray that He gives us meekness and wisdom to lead men and women to freedom.

If you are woman who has had an abortion or a man who has participated in an abortion, I want to challenge you to take your pain and make it your purpose. Together, we can form a SILENT NO MORE army that marches into the deep muddy waters of abortion and goes to battle for the ones who cannot fight for themselves…and until Jesus returns, you will find ME in that water.

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