He asked if I was sure

Florida,  United States
I was working at a bar, made poverty level wages, had a crappy apartment, and had only a couple friends. My family did not live nearby. I also wanted to finish college. I had also drunk alcohol and done drugs in the time period in which I became pregnant. I knew that I was not ready for motherhood, and I had no support system. I had taken birth control pills for a long time, but I had stopped taking them because I could not afford them.

I had stopped having my period when I took the pills, and it had not returned so I thought I was still safe from pregnancy. I was wrong. One day, I noticed that my breasts were very full and tender. That seemed odd, so I took a pregnancy test. It was inconclusive, probably because it was so early in the pregnancy. I told the guy I had been seeing (casually) that I may be pregnant and he came over. I told him that I wanted to go to Planned Parenthood and get an abortion if I was pregnant. He said that it was up to me, and he would pay for it since I was broke. He asked if I was sure. I was.

We went the next day to Planned Parenthood. The pregnancy test was inconclusive again, so they did an ultrasound. It showed an egg sack, just a round blob of cells. The doctor said that I was probably 4-5 weeks along. So she asked if I was sure about the abortion. I said I was. She explained my options and the procedures. I was able to take the abortion pills and chose to do that. When she brought the pills (there are two) she asked again if I was sure about the abortion. I said that I was sure. She explained what would happen, what the side effects could be, and how long it would take. So I said that I understood, and that I was sure (again), and took the first pill in the office. I took the 2nd one home to take later. Later that night I had some menstrual cramps and started bleeding. It was just like a heavy period. I had no severe pain or side effects. I took the other pill at home.

So, all in all it was very easy and I am thankful that I was able to safely access abortion care when I needed it. I am speaking out so people know that abortion is not shameful. It is a matter of personal choice and bodily autonomy. If you have religious objections to abortion, that's okay. But you should not impose your personal beliefs about abortion on other people.
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