Other Choices

Texas,  United States
I got an abortion because I wasn't ready to be a mom and because I was taking energy pills. I had no idea I was pregnant until after I started having symptoms, so I went to the doctor and they told me that I was pregnant.

I looked online for a place to go to get an abortion, and I had the surgery.  The pain was horrible.  They showed me pictures of the ultrasound or sonogram and then, after they did the procedure, it was really painful.  It hurts way more than giving birth.  It was the most horrible, horrible pain I have ever felt.  It was terrible, I felt the baby being pulled out of me.

 Now I feel horrible.  I feel like I never should have done that, I should have given the baby a chance to live.  I should have given her up or him up for adoption. 

I was in my first trimester, eight weeks pregnant.  I didn't know that the baby had a heartbeat, that it had all the little parts.  So I thought baby didn't have a heart but it did.

I regret my decision, and I wish and hope that me talking about my experience will stop people from avoiding abortion.  I'm now pro-life and, at this point, it's like doesn't matter how many times I get pregnant, I'm not going to abort.  There are so many other choices, and I just wish I would have told somebody about my plans, so they probably could have told me not to do it or, “Look there's other choices, you don't have to do this.”  But I really didn't tell anybody till today, and I will silent no more.
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