Myra's 2018 March for Life Testimony

Michigan,  United States

I made a horrific choice the day I walked into the abortion clinic 38 years ago. I thought I was gaining my freedom, instead I found myself left with a life that spiraled out of control.  I drowned myself in alcohol, drugs and a very promiscuous life style, subconsciously numbing my pain.

Slowly, my live began to change. I quit drinking and doing drugs. During that time, I had a daughter, that I gave birth to. Three months after she was born I was pregnant again. I felt I could not bring another child into the already chaotic lifestyle I had with the father.

I focused on raising my daughter and never thought about the abortions. I felt I did what I needed to do. Over the years I turned my life around. I went to therapy for the sexual abuse I received as a child. I found a church and learned about forgiveness. I took classes to help me become a better mom. I decided I did not want to live the life I had been living so I could give me daughter a better chance in life.

I became a director of a pregnancy center, working with girls who found their lives in much the same way mine had been. One day I was speaking with a girl who was considering abortion. I shared with her that at 21 days the child in her womb, heart began to beat. As the words left my mouth I realized the truth about abortion, about my abortions. I had ended the life of two of my children. Through counseling with a dear pastor, abortion bible studies and participating in a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat I finally found that freedom I had looked for so many years ago.

It is for ALL MY children that I speak out for the children who cannot speak for themselves. For the children who have not been given the opportunity to become all they were created to be. It is through my personal experience I can find love and compassion for those who have chosen abortion over life. My journey has led me here today and why I will be SILENT NO MORE.

Silent No More Awareness Campaign: Reach Out - Educate - Share