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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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The Silent No More Awareness Campaign mobilizes and equips the entire pro-life movement and the wider culture to understand the wound abortion has inflicted on us all and the need for healing. The Campaign receives its momentum from the experience of countless women and men who have been directly involved in abortion, and maximizes the impact that the voice of that experience has on the abortion debate.

The Campaign is based on a truth that is fundamental to the whole struggle over abortion, namely, that to be pro-life is to be pro-woman, and that the destiny of mother and child are inextricably linked. You cannot hurt one without hurting the other, and cannot help one without helping the other. Because this truth is so fundamental to the efforts that every pro-life organization makes, and to the message that those organizations teach, the Campaign is a natural partner for these organizations.

The Campaign, in other words, is a way for these other organizations to highlight what is already an integral aspect of the pro-life message.

Therefore, the Campaign brings both the healing resources and the voice of testimony into the entire movement by:

  • Providing Churches, Pregnancy centers, organizations, and individuals with a clearinghouse of healing resources that they can promote;

  • Allowing Churches, Pregnancy centers, organizations, media outlets, and individuals to utilize the testimonies of the members of the Campaign as those testimonies are presented in written, audio, and video format;

  •  Connecting the women and men who share their testimonies with the Churches, Pregnancy centers and organizations who want to have them share at their events: Church services, pro-life banquets, pro-life rallies and marches, prayer vigils at abortion facilities, educational seminars, and more.

  •  Providing a resource to legislative, lobbying, and political organizations who will want to highlight the voices of experience as they attempt to persuade legislators or voters that abortion doesn’t solve anyone’s problems.

The Campaign invites individuals, churches, schools, Pregnancy Resource Centers and organizations to partner with it. A “partner” of the Campaign agrees that its message is integral to the abortion debate, and commits to spreading the message of the harm abortion does, the healing that is available, and the testimonies that have been given.

Partnering with the campaign is a commitment to do the following: 

  •  Use every possible means to invite those who have been wounded by abortion to find healing, reconciliation and peace.  The campaign provides a wide range of referrals to healing ministries.

  • Publicize and promote the testimonies of those who have found healing and share their experience of abortion publically.  These testimonies can be found at and also on our youtube site at

  • To collaborate with the campaign by seeking opportunities for members of the campaign to share their testimony in schools churches and local gatherings.

Partner organizations will also receive the Silent No More Awareness logo to place as a link on their website.


If you wish to partner with us, or to get additional information, contact us at


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