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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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I am thrilled that there is now a place and a way for us to stand up and be supported in speaking the truth about abortion.




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Washington, DC
United States
Nancy Tanner
Silent No More Testimony, January 2009
I have been sharing at Silent No More events for a number of years now and in reviewing different versions of my written testimonies it strikes me that each year I tend to focus on different themes, probably relating most to that which is going on in my life at the time of writing.  Certain threads run through them, those of deep hurt and regret for that devastating “choice” that I made in October 1984 that took my precious son, Robert Joseph, and part of myself as well.
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This is Nancy Tanner, Regional Coordinator for Northern Virginia and the D.C. Metropolitan Area, welcoming you my page on The Silent No More’s Awareness Campaign’s website.  I work closely with other Regional Coordinators around the Washington Area to promote the goals of Silent No More.  Living so close to the Nation’s Capital provides unique opportunities to be Silent No More.  In addition to sharing personal testimonies at local churches, schools and universities, and having a prayerful presence at local abortion clinics individually or as part of events like “40 Days For Life”, we also involve ourselves in national events that take place in the D.C. area.  From the halls of Congress to the March for Life, and at various “Freedom of Choice” events held by groups like NOW and NARAL, we are there so we can share that truth of that “choice”: that our abortions hurt us and that we regret our abortions!

Not ready or feeling moved to be so public or political?  That’s fine as well; being Silent No More offers many chances to save other woman from making the same poor choice we did by letting others know on a more personal level our own abortion stories and paths to healing.  It’s that person to person outreach that is equally affective in helping others and changing hearts and minds, one at a time.  So whether you are interested in participating in group events or just want to talk with other women and men who have experienced healing after their abortion, please contact me and you will be welcomed to our network.

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