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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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St. Louis, MO
United States
Linda Raymond
Living In Service
Linda, Missouri Regional Coordinator, and her husband, Chuck, believe they are living forgiven by Jesus, loved by family and friends and forever in service to honor the memory of their son, Ryan Paul.
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Welcome to St. Louis Silent No More! 

First, let me say that I am honored and humbled to be serving in this campaign with such dedicated servants of Our Lord and Savior. My sisters within the Silent No More Awareness Campaign are my source of strength and inspiration.

My husband, Chuck, and I are a post-abortive couple who live and work here in St. Louis. Our two children are grown and we are expecting our first grandchild. We have been involved in pro-life work for many years and have been recently asked to become the Regional Coordinator for SNMA. The first time we got involved in SNMA was in 2007, on the March for Life when we met Georgette Forney, Janet Morana, Fr. Frank Pavone, and the other men and women involved in the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. 

I remember feeling so very empowered being on the steps of the Supreme Court Building, delivering the painful testimony of the truth of our abortion.  After that time, I became focused and dedicated to Life and the healing of those affected by abortion - men, women, grandparents, and siblings. Abortion hurts all of us, you can give a voice to your pain by becoming silent no more.

If I can be of help to you or anyone you know in pain after abortion, contact me by email or by phone.

Watch Chuck and Linda's story:

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