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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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It has helped me to accept forgiveness, learn that I am not alone and understand that I was coerced and purposely misinformed about abortion.




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Rockville, MD
United States
Joyce Tabb
If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?
Joyce wants women who regret their abortions to experience the same freedom and restoration she has found through her faith in Jesus Christ.
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Welcome to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Laurel, Maryland! My name is Joyce Tabb and I am Regional Coordinator for the state of Maryland. I am a post-abortive woman who had an abortion in 1975 right after graduation from high school. I have found peace and healing after my abortion through the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and support groups.

Silent No More Maryland is a visible means of raising the public’s awareness about abortion
by putting a face to the abortion issue! There is hope and healing for anyone who has had an
abortion and we need to offer that hope to other women and men! One day abortion will be
unthinkable for anyone in an unplanned pregnancy as hearts and minds are softened and changed through our witness.

Silent No More Maryland goals are to:

• Seek to raise public awareness about abortion’s emotional, physical and spiritual
consequences through education, testimonies, and public witness.

• Reach out and provide information to those seeking help and healing after an abortion…Help is available from post-abortion counseling and after-care programs throughout Maryland.

• Invite post-abortive women and men to share personal testimonies about the harm and negative consequences abortion have caused them, their families and their relationships. Most importantly to share healing and hope to those who have experienced abortion to help others avoid the pain and suffering of abortion.

• Join in the Annual March for Life in Washington DC on January 22 and hold similar gatherings in Maryland.

If you are a post-abortive woman or a man who has lost his fatherhood through abortion, I
encourage you to join us here in Maryland for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign gatherings and events. We will share our personal stories, be a public witness, and provide hope and healing to others who are ready to be Silent No More about their abortion. My prayer is that men and women will have the courage to step forward in whatever capacity the Lord is leading them and be healed and restored. You CAN make a difference through your public witness and save someone from the tragedy of abortion! Please join us in being SILENT NO MORE!

If you are interested in joining Silent No More Maryland, please contact me.

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