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Providence, RI
United States
Kathleen Kelly, Julie Lamin and Hannah CG Lusignan
Breaking the Silence
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Welcome to Silent No More Awareness Rhode Island


Silent No More Rhode Island has its roots in the courageous actions of a woman who was formerly a Rachel's Vineyard Coordinator for RI.  She purchased Silent No More Signs and began to distribute them to women who had experienced healing from abortion experiences and we are ready to speak out.    We are Julie, Kathleen and Hannah and we have all been touched by this woman's efforts.  Each of us have had abortions, however, through our own repentance and healing we  have experienced how God can bring good out of this devastation.    The Rachel's Vineyard Representative brought us together as each of us were speaking out against abortion in our own way.  We know firsthand that abortion mortally wounds both the child and the mother.  We had been paralyzed by silence and shame; and now we choose to break the silence.  Each of us has experienced healing in a variety of different programs including Rachel's Vineyard, CareNet, and other programs designed to help women recover from the pain, loneliness and horror of abortion.  We have come together to prayerfully use our experience to help people affected by abortion.

As Regional Coordinators for Silent No More Awareness we encourage you to contact us.  We understand how abortion affects people in a variety of different ways and know there is a safe place to explore your feelings and recover.   If you have had an abortion or have been affected by one and need healing from the pain it caused, please contact us for information on abortion recovery groups in Rhode Island. We encourage anyone who has been affected by abortion - grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts and friends to prayerfully consider how you can become involved with us.  We are available for speaking engagements and group presentations.  

If you have experienced healing, please consider joining Silent No More Rhode Island to speak out.  There are men and women in our group.  When people understand the devastating impact abortion has on women, as well as the children, abortion will become unthinkable.  

Do not be afraid, please take the first step, contact us today and be silent no more.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing what God has planned.   




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