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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Pittsburgh, PA
United States
Anna Del Duca and Peggy Means
Freedom and Healing in Jesus
Peggy and Anna share their loss and how they found Freedom and Healing in Jesus.
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Thank you for reaching out to the SilentNoMore Regional Coordinators’ page.  Anna Del Duca and Peggy Means are the Regional Coordinators for Southwestern Pennsylvania.  They are available to listen to personal experiences, provide resources for healing and pray with you.  As women who have had abortions, they understand the silent suffering, shame and pain caused by the decision to have an abortion.  

Anna works as a perioperative nurse within the Pittsburgh area.  She strongly supports intentional care of the human spirit for the prevention and treatment of illness.  She is commissioned as a Faith Community Nurse.  

Anna experienced the trauma of surgical abortion at the age of 20.  By the redemptive love of Jesus Christ, she has been healed.  With fervent prayer, Anna intercedes for those wounded by abortion, including survivors, practitioners, financial supporters and social and legislative advocates.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she seeks to eradicate abortion.  

Peggy is an Anglican Priest and a Registered Nurse.  She brings her years of nursing leadership experience to the life affirming arena serving abortion minded women, young families and sexually active women and men in need of testing and health care at a local nonprofit ministry.  As a priest, she serves as the pastor for an RV team in the Pittsburgh area and at local churches throughout the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Peggy’s abortion experience occurred as a junior in college.  As a nursing student, she considered her abortion as a simple procedure.  But the Lord sought after her, reminding her of His Redemption and Grace, for 20 years.  She found healing through Rachel’s Vineyard, the Church and her sisters and brothers who are Silent No More. 

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