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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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...these brave women compel us to rethink and reassess the far-too-cheap sophistry of our abortion culture.

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Mansfield, MA
United States
Kathy Hill
"I drove her to the abortion facility three hours away.  I was not permitted to go inside with her so I had to leave her to face this horrible ordeal alone.   I felt guilty and helpless.  I felt weak when she needed me to be strong.  I was ashamed for my lack of courage to do the right thing."
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Welcome!  I am Kathy Hill, and I am so grateful you have made it this far on our website to read my Welcome Page.  I suspect that your fingers may be shaking, your heart may be pounding, or you are looking for any excuse to “X” out of this site.  Everyone at “Silent No More” has been exactly where you are right now.  

The good news is that you have reached a safe place.  If you are struggling with the memory of an abortion experience, I assure you that you are not alone!  “Silent No More” is a place to find understanding, compassion, and truth.   We are an army of volunteers whose goal it is to find you and help you to heal from the aftermath of an abortion.  We can help you learn to live with joy again.  Imagine that!

In college, I helped a friend of mine get an abortion.  Both of us were “cradle Catholics” attending a Catholic college and knew that abortion was wrong but went down this path anyway.  She did what our culture brainwashes us to do when faced with an unintended pregnancy--she got an abortion.   Like most women, my friend hoped it would be a quick, easy solution.  Having an abortion could make her “not pregnant” again, and we expected then to forget it ever happened.  So, in the midst of panic and desperation, we drove three hours for her to end her pregnancy.   

Of course, no one told us about the other consequences of abortion:  the heartbreak, the guilt, the secrecy, the silence, the lifelong longing for your baby.   No one talked about that 32 years ago and no one talks about it now – except all of us involved with “Silent No More”!  I want to talk about my experience as much as possible because I know talking about it heals, and I want it to help heal you!  

Both my friend and I have found freedom from the bondage abortion trapped us in because we learned and accepted (that’s the hard part!) that Jesus wants us free from all of it, too.   He suffered so we don’t have to.  He died so that even those who choose abortion (or who helped someone get an abortion) might walk free from any condemnation.  He wants us to live abundantly with joy!  

Please believe that you are the Lord’s most precious daughter and He is so desperately searching for you.   He loves you and your baby(ies) deeply.  

I lead a healing group called Surrendering the Secret ( in Southeastern MA and would love to talk to you about it to see if it may help you.  I can also put you in touch with other healing programs around the state.  Or we can simply talk.  Please call me or email me and we can chat about how you can learn to live life abundantly with joy!  Every conversation or email is absolutely confidential.  I am praying for you right now!

You can join the Surrendering the Secret group at Attleboro Women's Health Center at 152 Emory St. Unit 4 Attleboro, MA.  Call 508-455-0425 to learn more.

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