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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Marysville, WA
United States
Frances Mack
The Grief I Carried
"I attempted to continue my life as before the abortion, but I struggled with an ever increasing sense of despair.  In addition to my drug and alcohol use, I battled bulimia almost daily. Through these addictions I sought temporary relief from the overwhelming guilt at having taken the life my own child."  Frances's testimony from the Walk for Life 2015
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Welcome to Silent No More Awareness in Seattle!

I am Frances Mack, and I am honored to be working with Kathy Gonzales as a Silent No More Regional Coordinator for Washington State. I look forward to working with the women and men across our country who seek to raise public awareness about the devastating effects of abortion through education, testimonies, and public witness.

32 years ago I had an abortion at the age of 18.  The physical, emotional, and spiritual toll of that abortion lasted for many years.   Through God’s healing mercy and forgiveness I was able to forgive myself for the decision I had made so many years ago.  Though I once had promised myself that I would never speak of my abortion, through God’s grace (and the wonderful healing ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard) I began sharing my testimony to men and women in Western Washington.

As a post abortive woman, I hope to share information of resources that will help those seeking healing from an abortion.  I hope to encourage men and women to take the step to share their stories of the physical and psychological trauma of abortion through the Silent No More Awareness website.  As the mother of one of the millions of children lost to abortion, I seek to honor the life of my child through my work and give thanks to the loving God who has brought me out of the darkness of my abortion and into the light of His healing love!  

“Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise your name." - Psalm 142:7

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