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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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I was in front of a Planned Parenthood last Saturday with my I Regret My Abortion sign... a couple changed their mind!

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Downers Grove, IL
United States
Jennifer Shea
An Advocate for Life
"Now, I'm here trying to take steps toward saving lives in my baby's honor and memory because I took the life of the one I was supposed to protect.  I will never truly forgive myself as she and the Lord have, but I can tell my story and maybe save a life."
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I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting my website at the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.  My name is Jennifer Shea and I am the Chicago Area Regional Coordinators. 

I had an abortion when I was 19 years old and spent years trying to cope with the devastating sorrow that followed.  I spent those same years defining myself as “pro-choice” because I felt it hypocritical to believe otherwise.  I thought myself unforgivable and failed to recognize our Lord’s constant presence in my life, as He waited patiently for me to accept His gentle call.  Through prayer and the loving grace from our Blessed Mother, I finally surrendered to Him and realized that I had existed in a cycle of spiritual and emotional disillusionment. My life changed dramatically, and I learned the greatest lesson of all; that through the mercy of God, forgiveness and healing were possible, even for me. 

The truth about abortion and the truth about the anguish that follows is hidden in silence.  I was never told the truth, and I came to understand that deception is the cornerstone of abortion and the abortion industry.  It is for that reason I am here to listen unconditionally.  I want to support people who are suffering from the effects of abortion toward hope and healing.  I want to answer questions based on my experience, to share the beautiful resources that are available and to offer a new sense of hope, such as Rachel’s Vineyard or other excellent healing programs.  I encourage you to register with Silent No More and to share your story as well.  I am here because I understand and have walked in your shoes. 

I deeply regret my abortion and that is why I am Silent No More.

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