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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Philadelphia, PA
United States
Lauren Kretzer
Heart for the Hurting
"My heart is for men and women, like myself, who sit in our churches week after week needing the healing forgiveness that only Christ can bring."
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My name is Lauren Kretzer, and I am honored to be the Regional Coordinator for Silent No More in the Philadelphia area.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I spent a lot of my young adult years in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.  Sadly, I had my first abortion as a teenager.  Instead of seeing that as a wakeup call, I stuffed my feelings of guilt and grief by living a lifestyle of partying and one night stands which led to my second abortion.   

It was only recently that all the feelings of grief and guilt over what I had done started to come to the surface.  I thought I was very alone and going crazy because no one ever talked about it.  I suffered in silence until one day I heard the testimony of a woman just like me on the radio.  That one interview changed my life.

Since then I learned that there are many others out there who need to hear that they are not alone or crazy.  I learned that my abortions not only affected me but also my friends, my family, and even the man I would marry.

If you or someone you know has been touched by an abortion, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  There is relief.

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