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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


Do You Regret Your Abortion or Your Lost Fatherhood? By filling in the form below you can add your expression of regret to our list. All information remains confidential and is presented anonymously

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I have genuine relationships now, no longer based on the false pretense of a hidden secret.




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Kaleva, MI
United States
Myra Lautner
Becoming Whole
"Though I was able to maintain my job, the rest of my life was out of control. This way of life continued for three years. I had stuffed my feelings down so deep, and the alcohol and drugs allowed me to numb the pain and 'forget' what I had done."
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I would like to extend my heart and my hand as you begin your journey unraveling the complexities of your abortion(s). I acknowledge the courage it took to come to this website. As a woman who has had two abortions, one at 20+ weeks and the other at 7 weeks, I understand

how an abortion can affect a life; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am here to encourage, guide and direct, as you are willing, to fully become the woman you were created to be. There are many resources to help you in your surrounding communities; support groups, retreats, counselors and other types of programs to assist you in your journey, I will share those with you.


My path has taken many twists and turns; however, I feel each and everything I have done has brought me to where I am today. I have shared my story over the years to encourage others and to let them know there IS a beautiful life to be lived without the pain, guilt and shame of abortion. I am a Director of a Pregnancy Care Center, assisting girls, women and men on their decision to uphold the life of their child.


I am honored to be part of the Silent No More Campaign, speaking out for the life of the unborn and assisting you as you travel this road of healing.

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