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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Converse, TX
United States
Dora Esparza
Through Grace and Mercy
"I share this because abortion is so evil in its core. What it does to the innocent and what it does to women is very real. Many women are left completely alone in their brokenness to figure it all out after an abortion. That is a sad truth, and that was my truth."
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My name is Dora Ann Esparza, and over 10 years ago I had an abortion. Melinda Bean and I are the Regional Coordinators for the San Antonio area.

During the time of making this decision I felt alone, scared, and pressured into it.  As soon as I went through with the abortion, I experienced tremendous regret, depression, and anxiety.  That one decision led my life into a downward spiral of drug addictions, heavy drinking, promiscuity, self-inflictions, and serious suicidal thoughts. I spent years in darkness, suffering the repercussions of my abortion.

It wasn't until I found myself face to face with Christ that I was able to find healing and hope for my future. Through Jesus I was able to truly forgive myself, find healing, and discover my purpose in this ministry. My passion is now to help women suffering from their abortions to find this same peace, as well as to encourage women to choose life for their babies and themselves. 

There is no turning back and changing the past once the decision has been made, but there is restoration and mending for those who seek it through our Lord Jesus Christ. May God use me as His vessel for this purpose

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