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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Indianapolis, IN
United States
Sarah Lavorgna
Carrying the Message to Those Who Still Suffer
"At the same time, I was still of the mindset that abortion wasn't a big deal "because it wasn't really a person yet". I learned immediately after I had the abortion how wrong I was about that. The pro-life people were right, abortion doesn't solve any of your problems; it just makes you the mother of a dead baby. And one that you don't get to memorialize, bury, or properly grieve over."
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Welcome to Silent No More Indianapolis! My name is Sarah LaVorgna, a Regional Coordinator for Indiana.

I once bought into the lies of the world and sacrificed a child to abortion. After years of living a dysfunctional and destructive lifestyle—symptoms of those who have experienced abortion—I finally turned to God and the healing that I so desperately needed. Personally, I went through a local 10-step counseling ministry and attended a Rachel's Vineyard retreat. Both were vital to the healing process and got me in touch with the reality of what abortion is and how damaging its effects were on me. In addition to ending the lives of countless babies, the world needs to know how our abortions have hurt us, our families, and society as a whole.

If you are a woman who has had an abortion or a man who has lost his fatherhood through abortion, I encourage you to join us here in central Indiana for Silent No More Awareness Campaign gatherings and events, where we can share our personal stories, be a public witness, and provide hope and healing to others who are hurting. My prayer is that men and women will have the courage to step forward, in whatever capacity the Lord is leading them, and be healed and restored. Silent No More is a visible means of raising the public’s awareness about abortion from a different perspective than that which is generally portrayed in the media. We actually put a face to the abortion issue!

You CAN make a difference through your public witness and save someone from the tragedy of abortion! Please join us in being SILENT NO MORE!

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