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Madrid, Spain
Pilar Gutierrez
627 98 56 88
Raining Inside
December 3rd 1978, I was waiting for the bus on my way back home from USF hospital. I had just made an appointment to have an abortion.
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Silent No More has spoken up in Spain because over one million women (and many men) are suffering Post-abortion Syndrome ever since 1985, when the government opened the door to abortion. The Spanish website was created in 2003 by a Spanish licensed psychologist, to bring the PAS out into the limelight. From the start, No Más Silencio España has been constantly in the media since the first article on the PAS ever to be published in Spain, in one of the leading Spanish newspapers, La Razón. Simultaneously, we managed to get a Letter to the Editor into the leading Medical Bulletin and shortly after, for the first time in history, we achieved public funding for our Rachel’s Vineyards Retreats. All that in the first year. Since then we have been in the media over and over again, raising awareness of the PAS and offering the first on-line therapy for Spanish-speaking patients from all over the world. Newsclips and audioclips can be found on our website (in Spanish), as well as many research studies translated from the Elliot Institute website and the ABC Coalition.

Unfortunately, as of July 5th 2010, abortion has become a legal right in Spain. The socialist government, in power since 2004, has finally achieved its long-sought purpose and there are no more legal restrictions for abortion in Spain, although the law sets some limits, which are merely decorative. The law is probably the worst in the world, allowing minors to have abortions without parental consent, violating the right to conscientious objection and forcing students to learn to practice abortions in Medical School.
The battle is raging and PAS is on the rise, and we are in the battlefield, fighting for the truth for the well-being of women and society as a whole.

Here is a link to the recent testimony of one of our patients on one of the leading TV shows in Spain, La Noria. It's the leading show for Saturday night in Spain. Click Here.

Click Here for my response to the link between abortion and breast cancer.

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