Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

SaveOne: The Ripple Effect by Sheila Harper.

SaveOne: The Ripple Effect is for friends and loved ones of abortion survivors who are seeking deeper understanding into the abortion issue. This is a guide as well as a workbook to help you understand post-abortion pain and guilt and the mindset behind abortion. The study guide shows you how to rely on your Creator for the courage to deal with this painful part of your family or relationships while answering questions such as: Can I truly forgive my friend or family member and walk free? Can I really overcome my guilt? Does God really care about me?

To learn more, contact SaveOne at info@saveone.org or by visiting their website at www.saveone.org. ISBN 9780974205144


Resources for Help After Abortion

Our hope is that the resources here can help you understand your role in the abortion, and the emotions and behaviors that often surface after this kind of loss. All the resources we recommend have two things in common; one, they will have a powerful positive impact on your life and second, all the people involved care deeply about you, many share your experience and have dedicated their lives to helping you...MORE