Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Healing the Hispanic Community

"When a Latino Man is Part of an Abortion, He Violates Something Deep Within His Male Identity"

By Kevin Burke, LSW

Repentant Man

David Rosa is a successful Insurance Agent and past candidate for Congress in the 20th Congressional District of Texas. David is the proud father of 3 children and husband of his beloved wife Alice who recently passed away.

David’s parents were both born in the U.S. His mother’s family came from Mexico and his paternal grandparents were from Puerto Rico and Sicily.

David graduated top of his high school class and was nominated by his Senator to attend the Air Force Academy. He had years of success in the high powered world of business and finance, starting his own companies, working hard and achieving much success. Unfortunately drug abuse and infidelity led to his involvement in two abortions beginning in 1989.

David shares about abortion and the role of men in the Latino culture:

“In the Latino culture Men are leaders and protectors of their families. Something deep within us is violated as men when we participate in the death of our unborn children. I was part of two abortions and after those procedures I was in terrible pain. I didn’t understand at first, but later I came to understand why I was abusing drugs and my life was out of control –I had violated something integral to my identity as a Latino man.”

Watch and listen to this riveting testimony of David’s shame, grief and in time recovery from his role in the death of his unborn children as gathers with fellow members of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign at the steps of the Supreme Court: