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Veronica Kull
Pennsylvania, United States

I’ve been involved with prolife activities since 1973. As a prayerful witness I fill with pain watching women enter the abortion mill to end the life of the little person growing within them. I pray to Jesus for His Mercy to mitigate their decision, to forgive them, to heal their fear and sense of intimidation, and their aloneness. A crisis pregnancy most often is a crisis of perceived aloneness – the father, the mother and the baby – all highly individualized - all vulnerable because they were not married, i.e. united in trust when they conceived. The weakest of these links gets killed. The other two links suffer “a living hell”, as a post-abortive man put it until forgiveness and healing are sought after. Some suffer worse because abuse was involved.

It is not much of a choice when death is the resolution for a perceived problem pregnancy when in actuality it involves another human being with rights of their own. These rights are not seen as real by the panicked new mother and father who look at the pregnancy only as a problem. Any “counseling” at the abortion mill doesn’t talk at all about the rights of the little in utero human being, because they see it as only a commodity whose life they can trade on for profit. Ultrasounds are used merely to size up the baby so they know how much money to charge. Like most activities that exploit the human condition, there occurs a twisting of the truth at the core of a potential resolution to a deep and immediate human need. “Counseling” likewise does not include optional resolutions like carrying to term with or without adoption. The mills dress up the killing of innocents for the world to see as “reproductive rights” -- the final resolution to when birth control fails in a promiscuous society, while they lie to the second victim (the pregnant mother) that the little being with a heartbeat at 10 days is only a “blob of tissue.” Most of the 54,000,000 slain babies were pulled apart literally limb by limb or boiled in chemical solution based on young men and women (roughly 20 years old) buying in on the ‘blob of tissue’ lie. A convenient lie you let yourself believe when you want a quick fix to a problem. It is undeniable through the use of science that life begins at conception, therefore men and women – no matter how they may try to avoid it – are parents at conception.

There is something wrong with any society that doesn’t openly promote other choices like adoption or support young parents as they continue their education in high school or college. Resources need to be provided at the college, even at the high school level. Why can’t we insist that some of our taxpayer dollars go to these kinds of societal supports? Our government gives away much of our taxpayer dollars to organizations and businesses including the abortion profiteers. Why not give some taxpayer money to financially give a shot in the arm to programs that foster support to parent students, continuing education of young parents and of adoption programs and crisis pregnancy centers?

The total sadness of abortion is the denial by both men and women of the purpose of their own existence: “Go and be fruitful” is elemental to human nature. People don’t easily recognize this aspect of nature anymore, because our society at large doesn’t read the Bible, teach Catechism, discuss and encourage positive outcomes on TV programs, or simply talk among ourselves about the truly fulfilling meaning of life anymore. Birth control and abortion are the twin 10,000 pound elephants in our societal living room. And because of them our society doesn’t really see true beauty. Instead life becomes a steady stream of attempts at self-gratification.

Can we recapture the essence of our culture that sees beauty in life, believes in God, His Goodness and His Word? God said: “Be fruitful and increase in number” (Genesis 9:7). I believe the reason that post-abortion pain is so terribly profound is because the universal law, in which each human life is anchored, is broken. And, healing and sharing and witnessing are antidotes to the poison that infects our society at this time.

Because I’m not post-abortive I’m grateful that SNMA allowed me to be part of the Campaign. The SNMAC and everyone who is a part of it has inspired a deeper faith and hope within me. I’ve witnessed healing and courage and babies saved in these ranks, and I’m eternally grateful. We need to offer hope and solidarity to the women and men who find themselves in the situation that does not offer true choices.


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