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America needs your bravery, courage, and words of truth. Abortion truly stops a beating heart and breaks many others.

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Bruce's 2024 Walk for Life Testimony
Indiana, United States

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience from the pain of abortion. My child was not lost to abortion, but I was caught up in the tsunami of the abortion pain. 

You see my wife had an abortion at the age of thirteen after being raped by an uncle. This pain followed her into our marriage. Our marriage started out good, and like many marriages we had our hard times. We would see many different marriage counselors for help. 

Things seem to get better for a time and then another rough patch would come. We never talked about the abortion or thought it might be a huge part of our struggles. It wasn’t till we had a miscarriage and the wound of the abortion was ripped wide open, because she never processed the loss of her child lost to abortion. 

She turned to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain. Our rough time became more frequent. A lot of the parenting responsibilities fell on my shoulders. I felt like a failure as a husband because I could not help her. I considered ending my life on several different occasions. 

Trying to figure out a way to make it look like an accident so that my wife and kids would still receive my life insurance. I never followed through but finally my wife moved out of our home which led me to care for our kids by myself. Praise God that he heard my prayers, and my wife came home, and she began her healing journey from the abortion pain. We have now been married for thirty years now and God has restored our marriage.

I share my story and I will be silent no more as families should not have to go through hell because of the pain of abortion.


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