Eternity’s Shore

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Gabriel David
Tessa Elizabeth
My son,
My daughter.
Two lives cut short
Four lives destroyed.
Eternal remorse.
But It wasn’t my fault.
She should have prepared.
A pill or something.
What responsibility is this of mine.
It’s her body,
There’s things that she should have done
And this would not be.
Why should I have to care!
Lies from hell sent to curse
Me looking only at me.
Too blind to see.
So I did the “noble” thing.
I stood in support.
I said, “I’ll be there, I’m with you all the way,
Whatever you decide;
As long as the problem goes away.”
I washed my hands
And left her alone
To make it all – go away.

Gabriel David
Tessa Elizabeth
My Son
My Daughter
Two lives erased;
Led to the slaughter.
Four lives engulfed by death’s evil lie.
Turn to the world to block out the shame.
Forget what had happened.
Don’t give them a chance
Not even a name.
Friends say it’s the right thing,
It’s what you should do.
You can’t provide for a child
So don’t even try.
So I didn’t.
I numbed out the pain however I could.
Alcohol, drugs, life’s lust all for me.
I buried guilt deep where no one could see.
So deep in my soul
That not even I gave thought anymore.
But there it lay at satan’s whim,
To fester and rot and destroy me within;
Till my heart so scarred unable to care
Became but tool of want and despair.
Embracing evil, knocking at death’s door.
But then Christ’s hand reached down to me
Touched my heart and set me free.

Gabriel David
Tessa Elizabeth
My son.
My daughter.
Two lives eternal,
Four lives set free
By Christ’s precious blood
Poured out for us upon that tree.
“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”
And He did.
Even though what I had I done
Deserved none.
Still so great is His love,
He did not wash His hands of the blood that I had
But bore it with Him on the cross.
And poured out His grace
That washed me clean
Of hell’s evil lies
Of death’s cruel sting.
My heart once torn by torment and shame,
My soul once crippled by guilt and pain
Now healed and embracing
Forgiveness and truth
Of how He gave life
To the lives that I had taken.

My son
My daughter
Two lives in bliss
Four lives entwined
God’s grace revealed
Of how Christ’s love did restore
I know now that they play on eternity’s shore
And wait for me with a their hearts filled with love
To embrace their mother, sister, and brother
And on that day prepared by our Lord
We’ll all be together forevermore.

Written by Ric Tibbetts.  Ric’s wife Malinda serves as Silent No More Regional Coordinator for Ottawa, Ontario.  If you want to talk about abortion hurt and healing, you can contact both Malinda and Ric at (616) 878-5692 or at

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