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My Body or My Babies'
Ohio, United States

Hello, my name is Angie and I’m here today to speak on behalf of three of my children who are unable to be with us today because I aborted them, all within a year’s time, in the early 1990’s.

I was married at the time to my first husband, living in California, and working as a fitness trainer. I was obsessed with my body and maintaining my figure. And nothing was going to get in the way with this. I had no time for a baby or the inconvenience of nine months of pregnancy.

In short, I was selfish. Abortion was all about me. I never considered what it was or who it was that I was aborting. Each time I became pregnant, I phoned Planned Parenthood and scheduled an appointment. By my third abortion they knew me by name. Abortion seemed like the easy way out. And it was, or so it seemed.

Like the other women waiting with me for their abortions, I sat nervously in the waiting room for my turn. However, unlike most women who have abortions, I have no memory of these events, because I chose to be put under for these procedures.

The anesthesia allowed me to escape the pain and discomfort of my abortions. However, nothing numbed the pain that my children had to endure. No one heard their cries or sympathized with their pain, not even me, their mom.

Not only did the anesthesia help me avoid the pain of the procedures, but my selfish, hardened heart allowed me to escape the guilt and pain in the weeks, months and years that would follow. My only immediate pain was the frustration of having to wait two weeks after each abortion before I could return to my fitness training.

It would be many years later before I would realize that nothing could hide the crime I’d committed against my little ones from almighty God, or even from my own conscience. Little did I realize at that time how agonizing and permanent my decisions to abort would become.

Within two years after my abortions, my marriage ended in divorce. I became very sexually promiscuous and very involved in drugs and drinking and before long it was obvious to me that I was an alcoholic. In short, I had made a wreck of my life.

I am so happy to share with you today that I have since found freedom from and forgiveness for my sin.

In 2004, I began attending a local church at the urging of a close friend. And one year later, in 2005, the pastor’s sermon confronted me with my sin, bringing me to terms with what I had done. Like a knife, God’s word had cut me open and exposed the sin of my heart.


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