The Treasured Pearl

by Nancy Belzile, Regional Coordinator for Northern New York


God is ever present, bringing us consolations at the most unexpected time. It wasn’t until a short time ago that I started thinking about my children lost from abortion. I mean actually pondering what they looked like, what their personalities were like–would they have been tall or what color would have been their hair or eyes?

Sometimes, it is uncomfortable talking and thinking about them so much and not my earthly children. I love them all equally, all five of them.  I am sure that God will place it on my heart to blog on each of them as time goes on.

It is reality that my children exist. It is reality that they are in heaven with Jesus. It is a reality that we love each other very much.

Considering my three earthly children, considering the genes brought forth from their father and myself, I can contemplate that my son Matthew would have been tall, dark, and handsome, probably have hazel/blue eyes. He would have been a loving and kind man. God only knows what could have been. The thought of meeting them one day brings me so much hope! So with that, these were the consolations given to me today, as I prepared for Mass in communion with all the saints, including my two children living with Jesus.

For you, Matthew Carmel ~ love you forever ~ mommy

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