Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

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Shockwaves…The Widespread Fallout from Abortion

When most people think of abortion, it is often as a contentious social/political issue or a closely guarded secret that is best left alone, in the past. We may struggle at times with the moral dilemma of abortion – but we tend to think of it as a private and personal decision… none of our business, right?

But the truth is…many of us have been impacted by the abortion of an unborn child.
  • You may be a Father or Mother who was part of an abortion decision…or felt powerless to stop it.
  • You are a Grandparent who tried to prevent the death of your grandchild… or were active in encouraging your son or daughter to have an abortion.
  • You may have lost a sibling to abortion…and if you were born since 1973 you escaped the fate of millions of your generation because you were a "wanted child."
  • Perhaps you are an ultrasound technician who reveals the child in the womb to a pregnant mother, hoping she will choose life…and she still decides to abort her unborn child.

  • Some of you may have been active accessories in the child’s death.
  • You drove your friend to the abortion clinic or paid for your sister’s abortion. You knew a young couple was considering an abortion, and told them they were doing the right thing…or you said nothing.
  • You are a health care professional, counselor, teacher or minister that was in some direct way part of an abortion decision/procedure.

Abortion triggers a series of powerful physical, emotional and spiritual shockwaves. All those involved with the decision want to flee from the emotional fallout of the event as quickly as possible. The Shockwaves of Abortion extend far beyond the epicenter of the procedure, like silent, invisible radioactive fallout…that over time can leave us deeply affected.

Abortion changes the mother of the unborn child and how she interacts in all her relationships. But all those closely associated with the abortion decision and procedure can also experience a variety of after-effects. The thoughts, feelings, memories from the event are often relegated to a distant, dark corner of the soul. This repression can lead to depression/anxiety, anger issues, addictions, and difficulties in marriage and family relationships.

In the year 2015, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign will take an in-depth look at how the Shockwaves of Abortion impact society. Each month we will focus on a special target group that has been directly impacted by abortion loss, with helpful information, resources, and most importantly abortion-recovery programs.

Like stepping out of a dark room, into the bright sunlight, the light can at first be jarring. But as we gain greater clarity and understanding, we will see the blessing of reconciliation and healing for ourselves and our loved ones.

The gentle but powerful waves of forgiveness and healing are stronger than the destructive shockwaves of abortion.

In 2015 the Silent No More Awareness Campaign proclaims a year of Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion.

January: Healing thru the Church
February: Healing the Black Community
March: Healing the Grandparents
April: Healing the Siblings
May: Healing the Mom
June: Healing the Dad
July: Healing the Survivors & Friends
August: Healing Abortion Providers
September: Healing Families
October: Healing the Hispanic Community
November: Healing Pro-lifers
December: Healing Comes from Our Savior


People Groups

1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Grandparents
4. Siblings
5. Family/Extended 
6. Abortion Providers
7. Survivors
8. Prolife Advocates
9. Friends
11.Black/Hispanic Cultures
12. Pastors/Pastoral Ministers