Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


August - Abortion Providers and Advocates: Traumatized by Death

Apart from the mother who experiences the abortion, this is the population most intimately involved in the abortion decision and procedure.

- The clerical and administrative workers who process the patient’s abortion and accept payment. 

- Counselors/social workers who are at the very least value-neutral and often pro-abortion as the mother discerns having the abortion procedure. 

- Medical staff who analyze and dispose of the unborn child’s body; the nurse who provides medication, the abortion doctors who performs the procedure…all have a direct hand in the death of that child. 

This population fits the textbook definition of those that we would expect to experience symptoms of trauma. Once again we will enlist the expert testimony of psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney. Dr. Ney has written extensively on how those involved in the abortion industry, and his experience developing the Society of Centurions to help those who escape from this deadly work to recover emotionally and spiritually. We will feature former abortionists, clinic owners, and abortion technicians who found the courage to leave the abortion industry and find healing.

But we will also remember those ministers, social workers, counselors and nurses who counseled a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to consider abortion as the best solution. Even if their response was one of maintaining professional neutrality in helping the mother make a decision, this in effect places them as silent accomplices in the death of the unborn child. In August we will declare a loving invitation to recognize their responsibility in this national tragedy, and come to repentance and reconciliation with God.

Moreover, we will actually offer, from August 8 - 15, 2015, a healing and rehabilitation session for former abortionists and former abortion clinic workers. This rehabilitation will be held at Mount Joy, the location of Dr. Ney's center for healing in Victoria, Canada. People may sign up for this at www.SocietyOfCenturions.com.