Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Testimony of David Brewer, MD, former Abortion Provider

Dr. Brewer's self-described "callous" heart is shaken to the core when he begins to see that life begins at conception. This is his story of how he came to faith and how he believes that people come to hate life....MORE


Stop It!

Wendy just needed a job and was told that she would be "helping women." What she sees during the abortion procedures caused her nightmares and grief for decades...MORE


Testimony of former abortion provider

Dr. Randall gave up a lucrative career providing abortions to instead share with others the value of life...MORE


I Regret Performing Abortions

Dr. Anthony Levatino

I started doing abortions in 1977 in New York State during my OB residency. I graduated in 1980 and went into private practice, first in Florida and later in New York. In five years, I performed 1,200 abortions, including 100 second-trimester saline abortions and later, D&E abortions up to 24 weeks...MORE