Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Healing the Black Community

Selling lies

When a business wants to sell cigarettes or pawn liquor, they go after the people who are the most vulnerable. In the case of abortion, those who have been plagued by generations of poverty and the low self-esteem that can go with it are the most vulnerable, and this includes a segment of the African-American community. Abortion profiteers “have an uncanny way of detecting vulnerability,” according to Dr. Philip G. Ney, a Canadian psychiatrist and an expert in abortion trauma.

Abortion Activists Hurl Racial Insults at Martin Luther King Jr’s Pro-Life Niece

When someone from our Priests for Life team told him I am the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, he ran away into the crowd."..MORE


Blacks Killed by Abortion Since 1990 = 4.4 Million; 11% of U.S. Black Population

The available data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention show that the number of black Americans killed by abortion over the 22 years between 1990 and 2011 was 4.4 million, which is 11% of the U.S. black population, a figure that likely will not get much attention this February, Black History Month...MORE



They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help to build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known. But WHEN SLAVERY ENDED, THEIR WELCOME WAS OVER....MORE


Planned Parenthood Abortion Facilities Target African American Communities
By Susan W. Enouen, P.E.

Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, African Americans have taken a disproportionate blow to their population growth. Although today there are thirty-four million African Americans in the US, fourteen million unborn black American babies have been aborted since 1973, representing over one fourth of their potential population...MORE


Christi had six abortions. Why are stories like hers so common in the African-American community?

For the next several years, despite her successful career and seemingly committed relationship with her boyfriend, Christi found herself in a vicious cycle of abuse and exploitation...MORE


A Newspaper produced by the Human Life Alliance

This is a pdf of a Newspaper produced by the Human Life Alliance featuring information and testimonies related to abortion in the African American Culture...MORE


Good, Bad, Ugly

Abortion pain doesn’t discriminate – let this conversation on YouTube with Lecrae, John Piper, and John Ensor on the story behind his song, Good, Bad, Ugly, highlight the remorse of abortion, and the healing of the gospel of Christ...MORE