Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

It Takes a Village…To Abort a Child

Having heard countless abortion stories like Dora’s over the years, let me assure you, it often takes a village to abort a preborn girl or boy...MORE

Crossing The Border of the Womb: Understanding the Emotional Fireworks of the Left on Immigration

While there are reasonable differences on immigration policy across the political spectrum, the reactivity of the left on this subject makes substantive and reasoned dialogue impossible....MORE

Collateral Damage: An Attorney Traumatized by Abortion Case

"In 1975 he was a really good attorney by his own admission. He rarely lost any case he defended. One day a man called the attorney's office and said his wife had left him. He didn't want a divorce and especially not now because his wife had just told him she was pregnant…and getting an abortion."...MORE

Who's Missing from the Family Portrait? The Effect of Parental Abortion on Living Children and their Families

Countless men and women at some point in their lives learn that their mother or father had a past abortion. It can be a jarring realization...MORE

Heavenly Hope: The Unborn Lost to Abortion as Intercessors for their Parents

My friend "Anna" was pregnant. She was filled with joy and asked me to be the Godmother to her unborn child. Deeply honored, I said yes...MORE

Accessories to Death: Why Abortion is Never Simply a Woman's "Private Health Care Decision."

...we needed $200 for the abortion. My boyfriend and I asked every friend we had for money. We asked for $5 or $10 until we got the money we needed. Little did they know to what they were contributing to…the death of our unborn child...MORE