Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

"Looking Back"

By Kevin Burke & Henry Gennaria

A young couple falls deeply in love. After dating for a number of years they face an unplanned pregnancy and decide to have an abortion. The relationship ends a few months after the procedure. Years later the couple reconnects via social media. This is their story.

Kevin Burke appearance on the "You Are A Dad" radio show with host Brad Cornell on KSLR in San Antonio.
Brad and Kevin talk about men as fathers facing unplanned pregnancy and the consequences of their involvement in abortion decisions.

Part 1

Part 2


Alliance for Life Ontario 2015 Conference June 11-13: Men and Abortion: Reclaiming Fatherhood and Finding Peace

Men in the Aftermath

Brad Mattes interviews retired sports anchor John Morales and the co-executive producer of “Bella”, Jason Jones. Both men lead very different lives, but are suffering from the same traumatic life experience. They say there are many man like themselves who have struggled for years with anger, depression, guilt, or commitment issues because of a past abortion that took the life of their child...MORE

Men Hurt Too

An estimated four million men in the United States are struggling emotionally and psychologically after the abortion of their child. Meet three of these men: Hollywood movie producer Jonathan Flora, Louisiana firefighter Jeff Phipps, and Tripp Curtis, now a father of twelve. All say abortion seemed the easiest solution to unexpected pregnancies at the time, but they are now speaking out about the negative impact that decision had on them. They share their stories in the hopes that other men can find healing and hope for the future...MORE