Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

What I Wish I Had Done

"I'm living proof that you never get over an abortion. Every time someone dies or I see a couple struggling to become pregnant, I'm reminded of how precious life is. If I can offer one bit of advice to a young woman in a similar situation to mine, it's don't have an abortion. You'll regret it the rest of your life, just like I have."...MORE



"I also felt like I took something from my kids that I could never replace. I stole from them the chance to have a relationship with their brother or sister. I took something from the children that I killed! I became used to running and stuffing things inside so I could get by and so no one would know what I did or the pain that was really in my heart!"...MORE


Not the Answer

"The older I became, the more I began to notice that being around pregnant women made me angry, yet I never understood why! The sight of a child running and playing on the beach would make me feel empty inside. My heart had a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in it from the effects of those abortions, yet I could not connect the dots."...MORE