Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

In a family, everyone hurts

Just as every member of a family suffers when a child dies of disease or in an accident, all relationships within a family are affected when a child is murdered by abortion, according to child and family psychiatrist Dr. Philip G. Ney. “There is nothing more damaging to a family than the abortion of one of its children,” he says. To avoid passing this damage on to future generations, families need to acknowledge their wounds and seek help.

Abortion Parenting Fact Sheet

Associations between maternal history of abortion and problematic parenting, including lower emotional support and heightened risk for both child abuse and neglect have been reported in peer-reviewed studies [1-5]. For example, compared to women with no history of induced abortion those with one prior abortion were found to have a 144% increased risk of engaging in child maltreatment [3]...MORE

Abortion and Partner Relationships

Few studies have examined the impact of elective abortion on the relationships between partners. Findings from the research are summarized.

Abortion and Adolescents

Adolescents who experience induced abortion may be at greater risk for psychological harm than adult women.