Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Healing the Black Community

February 03, 2015 – Rev. Walter Hoye and Pro-life Issues in the African American Community

Janet Morana interviews Rev. Walter Hoye, founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation. They discuss the Oakland Walk for Life, Black History Month, and plans for the future. Later, Janet and Fr. Frank Pavone talk about the Shockwaves February theme (Healing the Black Family and Community) as well as the upcoming 10th anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s death (March 31) and 20th anniversary of Evangelium Vitae (March 25).

Abortion Awareness in the Black Church

Brian and Denise Walker experienced the reality of abortion, but it took seventeen years into their marriage to begin talking about how their past decision was negatively impacting the relationship. Zakia McKinney mentors and counsels women all across the nation. She shares about the role of abortion in many of their stories. Reverend John Stevenson has recently decided to speak from the pulpit about the impact of abortion on families—particularly black families. Together these guests agree that the church community needs to be educating, supporting, and facilitating programs for women and men who have been touched by abortion...MORE