Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Silences in the Churches About the “Shockwaves of Abortion”: Deadly for the Unborn…and their Parents

Silence in the Churches

In January 2015 Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion will be launched with a press conference and a historical event at the steps of the US Supreme Court after the March for Life with a visible and dramatic representation of the vision for this year long initiative.

The Shockwave Initiative will reveal how abortion impacts not only the child, the Mom, and the Dad, but entire families, including grandparents and siblings. Moreover, the wound extends to friends who were involved in the abortion decision/procedure, to the abortionists and their staff, to pro-life people who tried to stop the abortion but couldn’t, and to entire communities. The Shockwaves initiative presents a vision and resources for communicating this in a new way to our churches, families and nation devastated by abortion loss. (Be sure to visit our Shockwaves Website for an in depth introduction to the initiative.)

Because January is also when many Churches observe Sanctity of Life Sunday the Shockwaves Initiative will focus in a special way this month on Churches and pastors.

Silence from the Churches and silence from our Pulpits about abortion can at times wrongly communicate the following:

- This is not an area of concern of the Church and it’s best to just move on from that abortion experience, leave it in the past and never talk about it.

- Abortion healing is not an important part of Church ministry…like feeding the hungry. The Church doesn’t care or want to get involved.

- The only message of the Church (if they actually ever hear a pro life message) is perceived as one of condemnation of abortion (and hence in their mind a condemnation of all who have abortions.)

Truth is, the silence of the Churches enables the denial, the isolation and suffering of those with abortion loss. This silence and lack of awareness and understanding allows the after-abortion symptoms to continue to extend out from the wounded heart of the mother and father. This has a powerful impact on personal, emotional, and physical health, as well as marriage and family life…and the mission of the Church. Half of all abortions are repeat procedures, related to unresolved trauma from first abortions. Education within a message of hope and healing can be life saving for thousands of unborn children and their parents.

Be Not Afraid! Break the Silence

The Church is greatly diminished in its mission by this silence…and greatly empowered in its mission when proclaiming the Gospel of repentance, healing and restoration in Christ.

Abortion has gravely wounded the Body of Christ. When we expand our understanding of those impacted by this loss…a large part of our church communities have been directly impacted by abortion

  • All those impacted would benefit from hearing the truth proclaimed with love and compassion.
  • It is important that people learn of the common symptoms and issues people struggle with after this loss and the personal, marriage and family impact.
  • God’s people desperately need to hear the good news of abortion healing in the Lord. A testimony at an appropriate time in your church service is a personal and powerful way to reveal the suffering after abortion and the effective healing programs that are available.
  • Shockwaves will feature an excellent internet based healing resource, www.Abortionforgiveness.org, that generates trusted abortion healing programs in one’s area by entering a zip code.

[The month of January is a perfect time to share a message of hope and healing. Go to the Shockwaves website where you will find Sample Sermons, Bulletin Inserts and a downloadable brochure.]