Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

The Fruit of Abortion Healing: Blessing the Churches with Fervent Disciples

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The Fruit of Abortion Healing – Blessing the Churches with Fervent Disciples

When a woman or man participates in the death of their unborn child, part of the damage from the Shockwaves after the procedure can be seen in a deep wounding of their relationship with God and the church. Deborah grew up in a loving and faith filled family. She loved God and had always had a personal relationship with him, but now that relationship seemed torn… Deborah shares:

[After the abortion]… “I found it difficult to go to church, and slowly I started not going,” she said. “I felt like an outcast. I just didn’t feel I deserved God’s love at that point, so it was really hard going to church.” (From the Colorado Catholic Herald)

A key component of the Shockwaves Initiative is spreading the Good News that these wounds can be healed and the Church is waiting with open arms to welcome them home.

Emma Boe is the Project Rachel Director and Rachel’s Vineyard Coordinator of the Diocese of St Petersburg Florida. Emma shares:

One of the wonderful fruits of abortion healing that I have seen is the large number of our alumni who respond to a call to serve in their churches as catechists, pro life volunteers, lectors, homeless shelters etc.

When a spiritual and emotional healing program safely opens the abortion wound to the light of Christ, there are miraculous encounters with the Lord. One of the fruits of this healing is the number of alumni that become involved in Church ministry and service.

There is a vast mission field of mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends family and abortion providers who have participated in, or have been deeply affected by the death of an unborn child. All would greatly benefit from the forgiveness and healing of Christ and his church found in post abortion healing programs like Rachel’s Vineyard. From this act of mercy, forgiveness and healing will emerge men and women on fire with the Gospel and ready to serve God’s people according to their gifts and calling.

Visit the Shockwaves website and learn more about how you can partner with us in sharing the truth about abortion loss and the Good News of healing.