Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

How a Church Bulletin Changed My Life

Sixteen years ago in October, 2003 my life was changed forever.  I went to Mass at my local parish church and picked up a bulletin as I left.  When I arrived home, I perused the bulletin with my cup of coffee.  And, then I saw "it."..MORE

"For What I have Done…And What I Have Failed to Do" – I was an Accomplice in the Death of an Unborn Child. Maybe You Were Too.

Their public witness also reveals the power of God’s mercy and healing...MORE

After You March for Life – Join Us at the Steps of the Supreme Court

Hear Women and Men Reveal the Truth of their Abortion Experience, and the Mercy and Healing Power of God...MORE

Let That Light Shine! 10 Ways to Promote Your Abortion Recovery Ministry

Keep in mind that people often need to hear messages about abortion loss and recovery multiple times before they are ready to take that next step, and reach out for help....MORE

The Catholic Deformation: New York Governor Cuomo Requires Insurance Companies Provide Free Contraception and Abortion Coverage

It appears the governor is anticipating the repeal of Obama-Care...MORE

The Impact of the Shockwaves of Abortion Revealed at the Steps of the Supreme Court

At the close of last year’s 2016 March for Life the women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign gathered at the steps of the Supreme Court to share their testimonies of abortion loss and recovery....MORE

The Impact of Abortion on Poor Communities: Bridging the Gap Between Pro Life and Social Justice Catholics

Pro life advocacy, abortion prevention, and healing after abortion are essential in communities ravaged by violence, family breakdown and social and economic injustice...MORE

A Christian Pastor Says the Topic of Abortion Should Never Be Addressed at Worship Services – Is She Right?

If we take the advice of this minister and keep silent on the subject, what does the silence of the church communicate?...MORE

The Spiritual Epicenter of Abortion Recovery – Healing in the Churches

The Shockwaves Initiative can be best understood as a developing wave of awareness and healing. We know that on open water, it is the consistent power of a driving wind that over time builds large and powerful waves. The waves we are building in the Shockwaves Initiative are driven by the power of prayer, awareness and healing...MORE

Repeat Confessions of Abortion Sin: An Important Issue for the Coming Jubilee Year of Mercy

The comments by Pope Francis on abortion, the sacrament of reconciliation and the Jubilee year of Mercy have caused quite a stir.   Most Catholics were not aware of the automatic excommunication penalty associated with abortion...MORE

I’ve Confessed My Abortion Sin…Why Can’t I Forgive Myself? Fr Ben Cameron Shares a Message of Hope and Healing

Have you or someone you care about received the Sacrament of Reconciliation from a priest or confessed to their minister/pastor the sin of abortion…yet still struggle to forgive themselves?...MORE

Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

The loss of one child to abortion impacts everyone involved; the mother and father, the grandparents, the siblings, family and friends, even the abortion clinic workers and abortionists, and even pro-life advocates who can’t save every child. ..MORE

Every Life is a Gift: Shockwaves Initiative

January 20, 2015 - Guest blog post by Georgette Forney & Janet Morana
When death touches us personally, its impact is felt much deeper and it leaves a permanent hole where our love for that person resided...MORE

The Fruit of Abortion Healing: Blessing the Churches with Fervent Disciples

January 20, 2015
When a woman or man participates in the death of their unborn child, part of the damage from the Shockwaves after the procedure can be seen in a deep wounding of their relationship with God and the church. ...MORE

Silences in the Churches: Deadly for the Unborn…and their Parents

January 6, 2015
Silence from the Churches and silence from our Pulpit about abortion can at times wrongly communicate the following...MORE