Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion
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Prayer for Grandparents of Aborted Babies

Father of Life and Source of Wisdom,
You care for your sons and daughters
Throughout the generations.

You forgive the sins
And guide the paths
Of all your people.

You give parents the special calling
To give life to their children
And to bring them up in the ways of your Law.

We ask you today to hold close to yourself
All those who have a son or daughter
Who has been involved in an abortion.

Give repentance and forgiveness to those
Who in any way consented to the taking of the life
Of their grandchild.

Give comfort to those who tried to save the life
Of their grandchild
And to those who lost a grandchild Without knowing it.

Give to all grandparents the joy of life,
The Wisdom that comes with the passing of the years,
And the gratitude and trust
That marks your children.

And bring us all to the joys of life eternal.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer for Grandparents who Cooperated in the Abortion of a Grandchild

Father of mercies,
You conquer every sin
Through the blood of Jesus Christ,
Who has robbed death of its power
And brought us light and life through his Gospel.

We pray today for so many men and women
Who have suggested or pressured their son or daughter
To abort a child.

We pray, too, for those who consented
To the abortion of a grandchild
Without offering help or encouragement
To choose life.

Today we ask that you give them repentance, forgiveness,
Healing and peace.

Enlighten those who do not yet see
The wrong they have done.
Guide them in your paths.

And to those who have repented,
Give the assurance of your forgiveness,
A peaceful relationship with their children,
And renewed hope of being reunited one day
With their grandchildren.

May these grandparents
Be models to their own sons and daughters
Of how to trust in your mercy
And how to walk in your healing.

Bless us all with the gift of salvation.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer of a Grandparent who Tried to Save a Grandchild from Abortion

Lord of All,
Your Providence guides the paths of history
And of our own lives.

You know our past and our future
And you call us to trust in you
More and more each day.

Lord, I come to you today
Both with sadness and with hope.

You entrusted to my family
The gift of my grandchild.
When that child was in danger,
I did what I could to save (his)(her) life.

Lord, I trust in you.
You love my grandchild
Even more than I do,
And even death
Cannot stop your loving care.

Keep my grandchild -- and me -- safe in your hands
Until the day we are reunited
And all death is conquered forever
By the power of your love and life.

Bless my entire family
And bring us your salvation.

I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer of a Grandparent who did not know of the abortion of a grandchild

Lord of time and eternity,
You guide the course of human events
With the loving hand
Of your Providence.

Lord, as we live our lives each day,
There is so much we do not know.
And yet you know every detail of our lives,
And you never cease to love us
And to call us to trust in you.

Lord, I pray today for my peace
And for your blessing on my family.
I pray for my child(ren) and my grandchild(ren).

Lord, heal the pain that is in my heart
Because of the abortion that occurred.
Grant that I may trust you more each day
As I entrust my grandchild(ren) to you.

Bring my entire family
The mercy and peace
That your Son died and rose to bring to us.

And amidst our own pain and healing,
May we reach out to others
Who need our help and reassurance.

Thank you for the gift of life
And the blessing of salvation.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.