Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

"The Movie "Unplanned"

The Movie "Unplanned": Before You Take Your Kids to See the Film, Check out this Important Feedback from an Expert on Siblings of Aborted Children...MORE

The Prodigal Father: David and His Son Daniel Grieve the Impact of Abortion on their Family

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Yesenia Lepe Lost a Sibling to Abortion

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How are Children Impacted when they learn of a Parent’s Past Abortion?

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A Woman's "Private Personal Decision?" Daniel Shares About His Father's Abortion and Family Healing

Daniel's testimony reveals that abortion can never be a "private personal decision." Daniel share's of his father's abortion and the loss of his brother David. The brief story reveals the truth of how the Abortion Shockwaves touch not only the mother, but father and siblings of an aborted child…it is truly a family wound. This testimony also reveals grace and power unleashed when a father in humility faces his sin and loss and opens the door to healing for his family...MORE

Who's Missing from the Family Portrait?

The Effect of Parental Abortion on Living Children and their Families...MORE