Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

"Looking Back"

By Kevin Burke & Henry Gennaria

A young couple falls deeply in love. After dating for a number of years they face an unplanned pregnancy and decide to have an abortion. The relationship ends a few months after the procedure. Years later the couple reconnects via social media. This is their story.

EWTN Focuses on Far-Reaching Shockwave of Abortion: The Impact on Surviving Siblings

Theresa Bonapartis is an expert on ministry to siblings who have lost a brother or sister to abortion. Theresa was a guest on EWTN’s “Sunday Night Prime” with Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR. She and Father spoke about the far-reaching impact of abortion – especially the impact on siblings of aborted babies...MORE

Facing Life Head On with Brad Mattes: Sibling Survivors

With over 55 million babies aborted since Roe v. Wade, there’s a wounded generation of siblings who are dealing with anger and guilt over the loss of a brother or sister. This episode of Facing Life Head On with Brad Mattes is an excellent and compelling overview of key issues for sibling survivors with personal testimonies and expert analysis by Theresa Bonapartis of Lumina and Psychologist Gregory Battaro. The program closes with practical steps for recovery and resources for healing this loss.