Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Prayer of Sibling Survivors of Abortion

Lord, Author of Life,
I come before you with thanks and praise.

You made all things out of nothing,
And created us without our asking or earning it.

You guide and protect all you have created
And your love knows no measure.

You brought order out of the ancient chaos
And calmed the stormy seas.

Day by day, you calm the storms of our lives
And bring to our hearts the peace
That passes all understanding.

Lord, I praise you today
For my own being.
You love and welcome me,
Without reservation, without conditions,
And without end.

You also love my parents and my sibling(s).

In life and death, we belong to you,
And you ask us to entrust ourselves to you.

Lord, fill me with your love and your peace.
Heal me of the wounds that abortion has inflicted
Upon me and my family.

Receive my sibling(s) into your eternal care,
And let me experience that same care day by day,
As I make my journey toward you
And fulfill the vocation you have given me in this life.

Give me your joy,
Give me the vigor of life,
And enable me to be a life-giver to others.

I pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.  




Prayer for Sibling Survivors of Abortion

Father of life,
How marvelous is your care for us.
You have made us little less than the angels,
And have given us the call to eternal life.

We cry out to you as a wounded people,
Daily carrying the scars
That abortion has unleashed upon us.

We pray in particular for those who have lost siblings to abortion.

We ask you today
To ease any anxiety or sense of guilt they may have.
Lift their minds and hearts to you
And let them know that
You welcome and protect them
With infinite and unconditional love.

Give them the freedom to talk about their loss
And to grieve it with confidence in your healing power.

Strengthen their love for their parents
And unite their families in service to your Kingdom.

Show these sons and daughters of yours
That your love is stronger than death.
Reveal to them your plan for their lives
And strengthen them to live their calling
With faith, eagerness, and perseverance.

May we be witnesses to them
Of the care and welcome you provide for all your people.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.  




Prayer of a Parent of Sibling Survivors of Abortion

Father of mercy and peace,
Come to me today.

You are close to us in every difficulty.
You heal our past,
And you walk before us in our future.

Forgive all my sins,
Of which I repent again today
With confidence in your unfailing love.

Bless my child(ren)
Who have lost (a) sibling(s) to abortion.
Teach us how to talk about this loss with each other
With the honesty that comes from your Spirit.

Teach us how to grieve this loss together
And how to encourage each other
To trust in your love,
Which is stronger than death.

Teach us that
While nobody can replace those we have lost,
Your presence among us
Always draws us closer to you and to one another,
And gives us the power to live
With all the peace and joy that mark your Kingdom.

As we thank you for the life you give our family,
And mourn those who are missing from it,
Make us witnesses of hope to one another
And to the world,
And enable us to look forward to that day
When we will all be reunited
And when there will be no more death,
No more sorrow,
No more crying out or pain.

Lord, make all things new!

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.