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Photo Galleries of Silent No More Events and Activities
Felicia Borel at the 2013 Rapides Right to Life Conference [Photo] Bobbie Jones at the 2013 Rapides Right to Life [Photo]
Nancy joins Illinois state representatives gathering [Photo] Anne Helene and Amelie Speak about Abortion Debate in France [Photo]
Maddie Pearson: Why I Am Pro-Life [Photo] Louisiana Respect Life Week 2014 [Photo]
2014 Walk for Life - San Francisco, CA [Photo] Radio Interview - Janet Morana, Fr. Frank Pavone, Leslie Brunoli, and Patti Smith [Photo]
Houston Coalition for Life Protest January 2014 [Photo] St. Augustine March for Life 2014 [Photo]
Speaking at Louisiana March for Life 2014 [Photo] Pat Pulliam Speaks at Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church - Sanctity of Life Sunday [Photo]
2014 Louisiana Life March [Photo] Maggie Sweet on TV [Photo]
Radio Interview - Patti Smith Talks SNM on BlogTalk Radio [Photo] Formation d’une semaine à Lyon [Photo]
2013 40 Days for Life Campaign in Arizona [Photo] Janet Presents her Book, Recall Abortion to Pope Francis [Photo]
2013 Cemetery of the Innocents [Photo] 2013 Cemetery of the Innocents [Photo]
2013 Arizona 40 Days for Life Vigil (with SNMA members) and Serrano's Walk for Life SNMA Fundraiser [Photo] 2013 Florida Life Chain [Photo]
Anita Sonntag at 2013 Life Chain in Canada [Photo] Janet in New Zealand - September 2013 [Photo]
40 Days for Life Kickoff Glendale Prolife AZ [Photo] Jacquie Stalnacker Sidewalk Rights 2013 [Photo]
National Day of Rembrance 2013 Irene Beltran [Photo] National Day of Rembrance 2013 Irene Beltran-2 [Photo]
Jacquie Stalnacker 2013 National Day of Remembrance [Photo] 2013Day of Remembrance St. Louis, MO [Photo]
Janet Morana on Fox News Channel - August 22, 2013 [Photo] SNMA Billboard Burns in Saskatchewan [Photo]
David Rosa of Silent No More Awareness speaks to Texas Senate Committee [Photo] Rome Pilgrimage Part 3: Worldwide Day of the Gospel of Life - June 15-16, 2013 [Photo]
Janet Morana at the March for Life Canada - May 2013 [Photo] 2013 Sheboygan Right to Life Rally [Photo]
Georgetown Students for Life 2013 [Photo] Kitchener, Ontario, 40 Days for Life 2013 [Photo]
2013 The Way of the Cross, Nashville [Photo] Saskatoon 2013 40 Hours for Life [Photo]
Janet Morana Interviewed by Al Kresta [Photo] ARTICLE - Baptist Message Newsjournal [Photo]
Joan Canning Joined 2013 March for Life [Photo] March for Life 2013 [Photo]
Kentucky Reps at 2013 March for Life [Photo] 2013 Annual March for Life Youth Rally [Photo]
January 24th, 2013 Youth presence at Planned Parenthood [Photo] 2013 Gathering at Phoenix Park, Kentucky [Photo]
2013 Louisiana Life March [Photo] Bobbie Jones Speaks to Louisiana Public School Students [Photo]
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