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Do You Regret Your Abortion or Your Lost Fatherhood? By filling in the form below you can add your expression of regret to our list. All information remains confidential and is presented anonymously

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How Do I Tell My Family About My Abortion 
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It has given me the opportunity to speak and tell my story, sometimes affecting other families' thought process on abortion.




Social Networking 

Web-based Ministries

After Abortion Blogspot
After Abortion includes a long list of local and regional post-abortion ministries. Online support: Message boards, e-groups and chat rooms that offer support after abortion.
Forgiving Abortion
Forgiving Abortion is an support board through the MSN message board system.
Cheryl's Page
Cheryl's Page has offered a low-traffic message support board since the late 1990s.

Yahoo E-groups
There are over forty post-abortion e-groups in the abortion recovery section of Yahoo E-groups. Remember: Wild, Wild West. Anyone with an email address can create a Yahoo e-group on any subject under the sun..


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