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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Silent No More has changed my life because it has given me the courage to speak up about my abortion story. I kept my abortion story a secret for 15 years.

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Quakertown, PA
United States
Maggie Sweet
Part of the Solution
After suffering in silence from her abortion experience, Regional Coordinator Maggie finds healing and purpose in helping others choose life or find healing.
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Hi my name is Maggie Sweet and I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be a Regional Coordinator in the Lehigh Valley area for Silent No More. The Lord has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people whose continuous effort to work for the unborn and help post abortive women as myself. I will utilize all the resources available and have started to read through all the Regional Coordinator profiles, getting an idea on how the Holy Spirit has touched each one of them in their mission. This is the most important mission in my life, and I look forward to personally meeting and reaching out to all the resources available in my local area, praying and hoping they will partner with our campaign in reaching out to people who have been hurt abortion and encourage them to attend the after care programs.  The Holy Spirit will breathe new life to each one of them through these programs that really care.

My healing came after attending Rachael Vineyard Retreat in Linden New Jersey in 2008.  For over 20 years I lived with the emotion pain of being Post Abortive, almost comparing it to The Dorothy Gale Character in the Wizard of Oz. Spiritually, I was unable to find my way back home until I attended Rachael Vineyards retreat. During this journey I was also unable to recognize the main Characters around me were playing a huge part in my comeback, God himself who never stopped loving me but instead waited patiently for me to learn to love Him again. Finally, finding my way back home through the Spiritual Baptism of my tears during the retreat, He enabled me with a take-charge character, exhibiting no fear in my rescue mission of each woman who has been dismembered by the consequences of Abortion and hurling a bucket of water over that fatal decision.

With this take-charge rescue mission, I joined the Silent No More Campaign. Like many thousands of others in this campaign I broke my silence and shared my personal testimony of hurt and healing in speaking the truth about how harmful Abortion is physically and spiritually to women, men and their families.

For years I hoped the Abortion problem would go away, but I was part of the problem because I wasn’t part of the solution. Please join our Campaign in hopes that you can help educate the younger generation so they don’t suffer the devastating consequences. Please contact me anytime via e-mail or phone.

God Bless,


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