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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Just knowing that there are other women like me, who know what a grave mistake they made and want to prevent other women from going through the same pain we've endured.




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Dixon, CA
United States
Crystal Rico
My Story: Journey to becoming Pro-Life
Crystal shares how her abortion impacted her and how she became pro-life from that experience.
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Welcome to Northern CA Silent No More!

My name is Crystal Rico, and my goal is to shed light on the reality of how abortion hurts women and men through sharing my own experience. (Video Testimony)   The mindset of our culture that abortion is a "right" cost me the life of my first child and has had lasting physical, emotional, and spiritual effects on my husband and I.

However, through God's grace, deliverance, and forgiveness (in addition to the help of recovery programs like "Forgiven and Set Free" and Rachel's vineyard) I am now equipped to help provide compassionate care for post abortive people. I have found my calling to this ministry and have joined Silent No More in an effort to help and serve others going through the process that I have gone through. Whether it's helping people in an unplanned pregnancy crisis, helping to provide or connect resources for post abortive recovery, educating on the subject of abortion and life affirming options, or simply just being there to listen and provide hope and support, I am here to help. I know what it's like to be in a difficult life situation, and subsequently choose abortion because of that. But I also know what it's like to choose Life, in spite of circumstance. Out of difficulties grows miracles.  

This is the most important human rights issue of our time. It's not an easy subject but one that currently defines our culture as we know it today. In order to shift the mindset of our society to protect the unborn, we must each be a beacon of light wherever we are, spreading truth, love, and hope. Each of us has one match, but the power to make a giant explosion that can help change the world. For those of us that have lost the lives of our children to abortion, we have all been bestowed with a crown of beauty instead of ashes, and God will turn our previous "mess" info his message.

Join me on this journey, and become part of a movement that can make a difference and empower people to be bold in our culture and make life affirming choices for our babies and moms & dads 2be. Join me in helping to define a society that can lift people up and support them by removing the crisis, not the child. A crisis is temporary, abortion is not. Join me in becoming the generation that ends abortion. Join me in becoming SILENT NO MORE.

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