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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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SNMA gave me the opportunity to speak out against abortion, and tell the truth of its negative impact on my life - the terrible guilt and shame.




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Central Okanagan, BC
Elizabeth Sutcliffe
Living with the Consequences
"I used to believe the lie that abortion is an eraser. I am not proud of my actions but hope that sharing my story will shed light on the consequences of abortion. I break my silence to give other women the courage to tell their stories and to find healing. That is why I am Silent no More."
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Welcome to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign’s webpage for British Columbia!

I am Elizabeth Sutcliffe, and I feel honoured to be the Regional Coordinator for British Columbia. I am passionate about helping the Campaign achieve its goals.

The goals of the campaign are as follows:

• Reach out to people hurt after abortion, encouraging them to attend abortion after-care programs. Invite those who are ready to break the silence by speaking the truth about abortion's negative consequences and the path to healing.?

• Educate the public that abortion is harmful emotionally, physically, and spiritually to women, men, and families, so that it becomes unacceptable for anyone to recommend abortion as a 'fix' for a problem pregnancy.?

• Share our personal testimonies of hurt and healing to help others avoid the pain of abortion.

My abortion in 2001 propelled me into depression, regret, and shame. I suffered in silence for over 10 years, until someone reached out to me and offered help. I participated in Post Abortion Counseling and am now counseling women with unplanned pregnancies and those who have had abortions.

'Silent No More' enables me to share my story and reach out to others who are in pain, to educate on the unspoken consequences of abortion, and to share how God's mercy and love has transformed my life.

If you are have been touched by abortion and are struggling, I encourage you to reach out.  It would be an honour and a privilege to be of assistance to you. I can help you start your healing journey.  We can be 'Silent No More' together.

Your friend,


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